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 How Do I Check-In at Sun Country Airlines?

If you want to make a web check-in with sun country airlines, then you can make use of many of the check-in ways at your convenience most used one is the web check-in, where you can make your check-in process 24 hours prior to your sun country flight departure, and you can also use Sun Country Airlines App Check-In if you have an app of sun country also you can make use of the airport check-in counters as well as you can use a kiosk for check-in, if you want to know more of these then you can read this article to get an insight of the following check-in processes, and you can follow any of them to make your check-in, and you can also make seat selection of your choice if not then random seats are assigned to you.

Different Ways to Check in with Sun Country Airlines

Steps for Sun Country Web Check-in

To make a web check-in, you have to follow these steps, and you can make a check-in process using Sun Country Airlines Web Check-In.

  • Go to the website of sun country airlines
  • Now you have to click on web check-in
  • After this, you have to provide fields named PNR and last name
  • Click on continue to move to next
  • Then you have to select your seat, luggage fees if applicable, as well as other services. 
  • Now you have to download your boarding pass 

Sun Country Airlines Check-in using Kiosk

If you want to make use of the kiosk for the check-in process, then you have to follow some of the steps to make Sun Country Airlines Kiosk Check-In.

  • You must provide your reservation number or credit or debit card number at the available kiosk. 
  • Now you have to give your first name and last name
  • You can also change your scheduled flight to an earlier one if your ticket allows you to make 
  • If your return flight is within 24 hours of your arrival, then you should check 
  • Change or confirm your seat
  • Now print a summary of your journey 
  • And make sure that your card is registered for the flight you are taking
  • Purchase or book add-ons like seat plus, additional baggage at the airport fare, etc
  • And if you want to tag baggage on your own, then you can get those tags as well

Finally, you have to receive your boarding pass 

Sun Country Check-in using Mobile App

If you want to make a check-in using the app, then follow these

  • First, you have to make sure to install the sun country app from the play store or App Store, respectively 
  • After that, you have to click on that app 
  • Now you have to give your PNR and last name that is printed on your ticket 
  • After this, you have to select from the available seats
  • Now you have checked in yourself 
  • Get your e-boarding pass. You can also print it. If not, then it is completely fine if you show this. 

Sun Country Check-in using Ticket Counter 

You have to follow the steps if you want to make check-in at the counter 

  • First, locate the correct check-in gate for your flight 
  • After that, you have to keep your passport and reservation number with you as you need to show it
  • Now you have to show it to the person on the counter 
  • They give a permit after successfully verifying and also after they check your luggage
  • Now you have to go to that gate to board 
  • You can see boarding time, and there is an announcement for that, too, so you need to pay attention to that. 

The article was on sun country airlines and explained various ways to get checked in. You can use any of the ways, and if possible, make that Sun Country Airlines Check-In as soon as possible, and if you are at the airport, then you can use the ticket counter or kiosk as well to make the check-in process, and you can then select the services you want to use and then get your boarding pass.


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