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 How do I Get Through to Iberia Airlines Customer Service

Iberia is a flag carrier of Spain and provides the best services worldwide. Iberia makes sure that its customers never struggle at any stage when thinking of choosing Iberia. This is why the airline has a huge customer support department whose job is to serve its customers 24/7.

If you get stuck, you can call the Iberia Airlines Phone number and speak to its agent directly. You can also opt for other contact options to get in touch with Iberia. In the article below, you will learn about several contact options Iberia provides in detail, so go through it and stay updated.

How to Communicate Iberia Airlines Customer Service in Different Ways?

Here are all the contact options to reach out to Iberia customer service; you can opt for any of these from the official website of Iberia online.

How to Contact Iberia Airlines Customer Service by Phone 

It is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to contact Iberia. The airline provides several phone numbers on its website, depending region-wise and department-wise. You can get the Iberia Customer Service number and follow the procedure below to connect with a live agent.

  • Dial the Iberia Airlines customer care number (+1)800 772 4642 for the USA on mobile
  • You need to choose the language from IVR and follow further instructions 
  • You get various options for different departments; select the one you wish to connect
  • Now choose the query for which you need help or select the similar one
  • After a few instructions, you get an option to speak to the live agent; choose that 
  • The automated voice then transfers your call to the concerned department 
  • Once the live agent answers your call, take your time and discuss issues one by one 

Iberia Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers:

  • Phone Number for the USA: (+1)800 772 4642
  • Phone Number for Spain: +34 91 333 67 01
  • WhatsApp Number: +34 676 67 60 04

Communicate to Iberia Airlines Customer Service by Website 

Iberia also provides a contact form on its website through which you can share any complaint, compliment, concern, etc. Follow the procedure below to connect to Iberia on website:

  • Go to the official web portal of Iberia first
  • And then go to the help desk link online tab which will navigate to 
  • Now go to the online services section or Talk to us, and you get the link
  • Choose the one for which you need help and open the link
  • Each link is associated with a contact form; open the form 
  • You need to fill in all the details correctly and then submit your form 
  • As soon as the Iberia team reviews your form, they will get back to you soon with the best reply 

Contact Iberia Airlines by Live Chat 

It is the second fastest way to contact Iberia customer service. Using the live chat option, you can raise any issues or concerns with Iberia 24/7. Here is the process you can follow to connect to Iberia via live chat:

  • Go to the support page of Iberia on its homepage. 
  • Then search for the chatbot option at Bottom of the page and click on it 
  • A message box pop-up on the screen where you need to type the message 
  • You get various self-explanatory links on the box
  • Select the link that matches your query, else type live agent 
  • Answer a few questions then, and soon a live agent will join you

Contact Iberia Airlines by Social Media

Being public platforms, you get instant help connecting the airline through social media handles. If you wish to connect with Iberia on its social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can follow the process below:

  • Go to the official website of Iberia and scroll down at the bottom of the page
  • At the bottom right, open the link Iberia social media under the web section which navigates to 
  • You can click on the links against the social media platform you wish to connect 
  • Login to your account, and you can successfully send your message to the airline 

Social Media Links of Iberia Airlines

You can speak to Iberia Airlines Customer Service anytime by reading the information above. Moreover, if you need additional support or have doubts, share your comment in the box below.


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