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How can I Change my Flight Without Paying Fees

Our world is undoubtedly getting smaller with the help of the service provided by the airlines. You can easily make changes to your flight without any issue. You need to follow the below-mentioned information to know how to change Flight without Fee payment?

Tips to Change Flight Without Paying Fees:

  • Twenty-four hours’ Time Period

Whenever you purchase a ticket, you have to make sure that you successfully cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of the time period. In that manner, you are not going to be charged with any kind of fee. However, if you make the changes after 24 hours, then you will be charged with a cancellation fee. 

  • One Week Prior Cancellation

The other thing you need to focus on, apart from the 24 hours time limit, is that. The cancellation you’re doing has to be done one week prior to the cancellation date. Suppose you make the cancellation seven days within the departure time. Then you’ll be charged with the cancellation fee. 

  • By Downgrading Your Seat Booking

 you would need to visit the manage booking page. There you would need to tap on the option of “flight change.” If you downgrade your seat or class plan, then you will not be charged any cost at all. You might even get a refund based on the fare difference. 

  • Plead for Your Request

There might be a situation that you missed your 24 hours cancellation time, by just few minutes or a short time. In that case, you need to call the customer care department, and they’ll undoubtedly sort it out for you. That is the reason the customer care team is sitting there. At the end of the day, they are humans, not a machine. They are certainly going to listen to what you’re saying. No Airlines is going to have Stone-hearted rules and regulations. They do listen to the needs of their customer. In that way, they maintain their goodwill and reputation. 

  • Your Elite Status

If you have made some changes or cancellations. Then there is one way to get the refund you’re looking for. That is your elite status. Suppose you have been a regular member of that airline. On the other hand, you have also made sure that you have an excellent status with them. 

I am sure that if you think from the next time, How to Change Flight without making any payment?” Then you need to follow the above-mentioned solutions.

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