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How can I get a Refund on Sun Country Airlines?

To get a refund from Sun Country airlines, you have to first look for the eligibility of your ticket because in case your booking isn't relying upon the conditions of the refund policy or so, then you cannot ask for a refund from Sun Country Airlines and for example, if you have purchased non-refundable tickets, then you will not get any refunds for the same until you provide an appropriate reason for the refunds. However, if you have canceled your itinerary or due to a delay in the flight schedule, you will get a refund. To access the option like getting a refund on Sun Country Airlines, you have several mediums available to have your refunds back into your account; for that, you must read the below section passage, and you will get it done wisely.

How to Get Sun Country Refunds Online?

To apply for online refunds, you have to use the available online steps that are well described in the below section, and you will get access to it quite smoothly.

  • Visit the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Tap on sign in or login tab and enter username/id and password
  • After that, go to manage my booking tab and under this section provides ticket details
  • Enter your booked ticket reference code along with your last name
  • Now, after your booking is retrieved, select the cancel option and continue to confirm your itinerary cancellation
  • Next, just beneath of canceled ticket, you have to get the refund icon, which you tap for refunds
  • Then, a refund form will open, and you have to fill it in with some necessary details;
  • First, enter your booked ticket information, booking reference number, trip type, class, destination, and phone number.
  • Ahead of this mention contact details of the passenger
  • Now, tap over the reason list, and from there, choose the refund reason
  • Afterward, you need to describe the refund reason under 1000 characters and tap on submit button
  • You, at last, will be sent a confirmation mail on the refund summary.

Sun Country Refund Request via Phone Number: 

You can even request your canceled flight ticket refunds offline. You should use the number 651-905-2737 to dial from your phone.      

  • First off, you have to select the language of your choice      
  • Now, listen to IVR options
  • Press the command that enables you to get in touch with a live person for refunds       
  • Shortly, your call will connect with a live assistant      
  • With whom can you ask for a refund procedure to move ahead with your canceled ticket itinerary  
  • Finally, after the representative completes your refund request, they will send a confirmation email to your registered id.

How to get a Full Refund from Sun Country?

Per the Sun Country refund policies, passengers are conditioned in some situations only to get a full refund on Sun Country Airlines. You can go through those conditions after reading the below section, which is here for your reference.     

  • Suppose your booked reservation got canceled directly from Sun Country, you can ask for a full refund.      
  • In case of a medical emergency also, passengers can demand full refunds
  • Note that if the passenger is not allowed to board the flight at the time of check-in, then, in that case, you will ask the helpdesk assistant to provide you with full refunds

Thus, these are some reasonably practical scenarios under which you will get full refunds from Sun Country Airlines.

What is Sun Country Refund Policy?

Suppose you want to know accurate information regarding Sun country's Refund Policy. In that case, you must read the following section, and from here, you will get the best knowledge regarding refund terms and conditions.     

  • According to Sun Country's refund policy, if a passenger cancels the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, they will get full refunds.
  • But, after 24 hours of cancellation, that is, after the risk-free time, you will have to pay cancellation charges, and the rest refunds will get credited to your travel credit account
  • You will get full refunds if you purchase full-flex tickets from Sun Country Airlines.  
  • Last, if you have reserved business or first-class seats or are a program member of Sun Country airlines, you will get refunds.


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