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How Can I Select My Seats on Kuwait Airways Flight

The Advance seat selection system is one of kind offered by Kuwait airways and through this travellers have the scope through which they are able to select or reserve a seat for themselves out of their reservation made with Kuwait Airways.

Steps to Select Seats on Kuwait Airways Flight

Now there are certain terms and conditions associated with the Kuwait airways seat selection. Passengers have to follow a couple of steps and they are required to follow the below-mentioned guidelines that are included in this paper and are mentioned down under: 

  • You have 6 hours until the departure of your Kuwait flight that you have reserved under the Economy class chargeable seats. 
  • So if you have reserved a Kuwait flight with an economy class booking then you are supposed to pay for the chargeable seats that are offered to the Economy class passengers.
  • In your booking, you have to pay the seat selection price per person or flight segment.
  • If you happen to have an OASIS redemption ticket then too in this case passengers have to pay for seat selection on Kuwait airways. 
  • Also, the avenue for seat selection is offered to keep in mind the availability of the seats in the aircraft. 
  • If you happen to travel with an infant, then you also have the option of selecting the baby bassi9net facility which is again chargeable by Kuwait airlines.

In order to select your seat on Kuwait airways, passengers have a plethora of options available that are listed down under: 

  • Online option

In order to make online seat selection, passengers are advised to navigate to the official website of Kuwait airlines. Once you have reached the homepage, you are required to scroll down on the page until you find the seat selection option listed on the official website of Kuwait airlines. 

  • Use the Mobile application

Similarly, you could also make use of the mobile application in order to reserve seats for your booing. Navigate to the seat selection option and here you are required to follow the on-screen instructions to successfully make seat selection. 

  • Web check-in process

Through the web check in facility, passengers are able to make seat selection as well. All you are required to do is navigate to the web check-in option and there you can proceed with seat selection at Kuwait airlines.

  • Kuwait airways office to the rescue

Visit the office of Kuwait airways to make the required changes or seat selection for your flight that you have reserved with Kuwait airways. 

  • Make a Call to the Kuwait Airways Customer Service Department

Connect with the Kuwait Airways Customer Service in order to communicate with someone at Kuwait airways. You can get guidance on seat selection from the customer service reps in Kuwait.


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