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How can you get a Refund on American Airlines?

If you have ever booked a flight with American Airlines but had to cancel it due to certain circumstances and now are worried about how to get a refund from American Airlines' simplified American Airlines refund process, then refer to the steps given below for a refund. 

Steps to Get a Refund from American Airlines 

  • Wait for your Flight to get Canceled

If you are holding a non-refundable ticket, then you will not receive a complete refund when you cancel your flight. However, if the flight is canceled by the airline, then you will get a complete refund. If your departure flight is canceled and you are eligible for a refund, then you can simply start the process of refund. 

  • Go for the American Airlines' Refund Form

Now once your flight has been canceled, then you can raise the refund request from the customer service of American Airlines. All you have to do is to visit the refund page of the airline as mentioned here, And then, simply fill out your refund form and let it get past through the airline. 

  • Get your Canceled Booking

You will have to fill in your last name and your reference id or booking number to get the details of your canceled flight booking. Once you have pulled down your canceled booking, then you will simply click on the "Refund" button. 

  • Verify the Information of your Canceled Flight Booking 

It is advisable to check the flight details of your booking, the one you have got as it was canceled, in order to get the refund in a proper manner. 

  • Know your Refund Eligibility 

Once you have reviewed your canceled flight booking details, then you should always check the eligibility of getting a refund on your canceled flight booking. As soon as all of these norms and verification are satisfied, you can simply click on the "Continue" button and post your refund request form for American Airlines. 

  • Fill in your Personal Contact Information

You will then be asked to fill in your basic contact details of yours, like your registered email id, your phone number, and certain other personal details to contact you and keep you on track for your refund.

  • Verify your Refund Request Form

The refund request form should always be verified before it is sent to the airline. You should choose the reason for applying for a refund. If you have canceled your flight due to some medical issues, then you should attach the medical documentation too for the airline to assist you. 

  • Keep your Refund Form Number

The refund form number helps you track down your refund request form and know how far your refund request has reached and what time it will take for your refund to reflect in your bank account.

Does American Airlines Reimburse for Canceled Flights? 

Yes, American Airlines does reimburse for the canceled flight tickets if the flight has been canceled by the airline or even when you cancel your flight. You can simply consult with the consultant available at the desk or can call them and let them know regarding your flight being canceled. Either you will get reimbursed for your flight, or if you want, you can be put on the immediate flight. 

How do I get Compensation from American Airlines? 

As per the American Airlines refund policy, If you want to get compensation for your American Airlines flight that has been delayed or canceled, then you can call on the official contact number of American Airlines. Once your call is connected, then you can simply ask the assistant to compensate you for your flight. 

How do I know if my American Airlines Ticket is Refundable? 

There are various options through which you check American Airlines' refundable tickets. The options are as mentioned below: 

Options to know your Flight Details

  • You can simply check your booking or your flight ticket to know whether or not your flight ticket is refundable or non - refundable.
  • The other option is to login to your American Airlines account and check your flight details on the platforms. 
  • You can call on the official number of American Airlines and ask them about your ticket is refundable or not. 




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