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 How can you Reserve Seats on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines provides you with several facilities, and there are several types of seats available from which you need to choose your preferred seat after Alaska Airlines Flight Booking. You can communicate with Alaska Airlines representatives on a phone call, and they will properly guide you in choosing the seat. Suppose you are choosing a seat for the first time with Alaska airlines. In that case, it is better to connect with the representative, and the representatives will also help you to give information about offers or deals. You can also follow the online method by visiting the Alaska Airlines website and choosing a seat. You can select online if you are getting issues like long call holds or network glitches. You can also select a seat from the Alaska Airlines counter available at the airport. 

How to Choose my Seat on Alaska Airlines?

There are different ways to choose a seat on Alaska airlines, and if you want to know the detailed process of all those ways, you need to read below. 

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection via Phone Call: 

If you want to choose the seat quickly, call on the mentioned number 1 (800) 252-7522 and choose the comfortable language. After this, you need to follow the IVR. 

  • Press 1 If you want to make new bookings or upgrade the previous bookings. 
  • Press 2 for queries related to flight cancelation 
  • Press 3 to learn about miles or packages
  • Press 4 to select the seat 
  • Press 5 to get the information on COVID-19 
  • Press 6 to connect with representatives 

Choose the option and then connect with Alaska representatives. 

Online Method for Alaska Airlines Seat Selection: 

If you do not want to take the help of a representative, then you can also select your seat online. If you want to know the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Process, you need to follow the points below. 

  • Open the website of Alaska airlines in your preferred search engine. 
  • Click on the manage bookings section from the left side of the screen. 
  • Following this, you must fill out the surname and booking reference number in the space mentioned.
  • Then your bookings will come on the screen; you need to choose the bookings in which you want to choose the seat. 
  • Next, you need to open the seat select tab and choose the seat from the available options. 
  • Further, you need to save the seat and then click on the payments page. 
  • Lastly, you need to make the payments using your card or other online ways, and you will receive an email on the registered mail id. 

Selection of Seats via Alaska Airlines Counter: 

You can also go to the counter of Alaska airlines available at the airport and then give all the information about Alaska Airlines Reservations with valid documents for check-in. Then you need to tell them about your preferred seat; if that seat is available, they will allow you. The information about your seat will mention in your boarding pass, which they will give after check-in. 

How much does Alaska Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

The seat selection cost that Alaska airlines charges will vary as per the seat type; if you select the standard seat type, you need to pay 40USD to 60USD. For the business class seat, you need to spend around 60USD to 80USD, but if you select the premium class seat, you need to pay more than 100USD to select the seat. The seat selection fee will also depend upon the policies of seat selection, and if you want to know about these policies, you need to read below. 

Seat Selection Policies of Alaska Airlines are as follows: 

  • You will not need to pay charges if you make the bookings from the Alaska Airlines website and choose the seat before 48 hours of flight departure. The seat selection prices will differ for international and domestic bookings.
  • If the passengers get any disability, then they can choose the seat they want; they do not have to pay for this. But they must apply for special assistance at the time of booking, and they need to show the certificates at the airport. 
  • You have to carry your luggage as per your seat type, but if you want to take extra luggage, then you need to pay the extra charges, which will depend upon the extra weight of the luggage. 
  • According to the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy, If you make the bookings using miles, you can choose the seat without paying charges. 
  • If you cannot choose the seat, then Alaska airlines will automatically allot your seat, and if you want to modify that seat, you need to pay the extra charges. 
  • Some seats are reserved by Alaska airlines for disabled and pregnant women, which other passengers can not choose. 

By reading above, you can choose a seat from Alaska airlines, and if you get any seat selection issues, then you can connect with Alaska Airlines Customer Service to get proper help. 


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