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How do I Cancel a Porter Airlines Reservation?

Porter Airlines has ensured that you can make the booking and the cancellation without the help of an expert. So, if you have booked with Porter Airlines and now need to cancel due to some urgent reasons, then you can certainly follow the procedure given ahead. Then you'll be able to get the resolution. 

Different ways to make the Cancellation at Porter Airlines

To make the cancellation, you need to choose the options below. You can cancel online, via call, or even at the airport. However, making the cancellation online, or through calling is recommended because you'll be able to save your time and money then. 

Online Method for Porter Airlines Cancellations

Making the cancellation online is undoubtedly a great option. It is a very short Porter Airlines Cancellation Process. You only need to get on the website of Portal Airlines. The following steps below will help you with the solution you want. 

  • You need to get on the Porter Airlines website. 
  • Now make the selection of the "Sign in" option. 
  • Enter your credentials. 
  • Click the login button. 
  • You can even open your booking without logging in. 
  • For that, click the "Manage to book" button. 
  • Now enter the Porter Airlines booking code and the passenger's name. 
  • Press the button search. 
  • Select the reservation you have made. 
  • Open the booking, and click the button "Cancellation." 
  • To see the status of your refund, visit "Travel refund." 
  • To claim the rebate, click the button "Request a refund." 
  • You have successfully claimed the refund. 

Cancel Your Porter Airlines Flight via Phone Call

Calling is also a fast way to connect with Porter Airlines. Ensure that you have selected the guide, which is given below. Then quickly, you'll get the resolution. Their representative is going to ensure that your cancellation will be made shortly. 

  • You need to phone up on the toll-free number of Porter Airlines.
  • Ensure you have selected the "Cancellation" option from the IVR menu.
  • The executive will ask for your confirmation number, First name, and last name. 
  • Once verified, you need to tell the representative that you want to cancel the booking. 
  • Once your cancellation is made, then you can ask about the refund options. 
  • Once you have got the refund option. 
  • The executive is going to make the refund claim for you quickly. 
  • You will receive the refund in your account within seven to twenty working days. 

 Cancel Your Porter Airlines Flight Tickets at Airport 

You can even cancel your flight ticket at the airport. For that, you only need to visit the airport and ask the representative of Porter Airlines to compensate you. You also need to carry your ID for this purpose. The representative will claim the refund on your behalf. However, to avoid spending your time and money, visit the airport. You can choose the Porter Airlines online Cancellation option. That is undoubtedly more convenient. 

Can you Cancel Porter's Flight within 24 hours? 

Yes, you can undoubtedly cancel the Porter flight within twenty-four hours of the booking you have made. That is going to help you in avoiding the cancellation fee of the airline. 

Cancellation Fees for Porter Airlines 

If you have canceled within twenty-four hours, you will not be charged with any penalty. However, if you have canceled after twenty-four hours, you'll be charged $100 to $500. The exact fee will depend on the type of ticket you have booked. In case you have made the booking of an international flight, then you certainly need to make the payment of more than $100. 

Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy is going to help you in canceling without any worry. With the help of these policies, you'll be able to make your ticket refundable. 

  • If you cancel your ticket within twenty-four hours of the booking, your ticket is refundable. However, you also need to ensure that you made the booking seven days before the flight's departure date. Once you have satisfied both conditions, then your reservation is completely refundable. 
  • If your booking is canceled by Porter Airlines, you're entirely eligible for a refund.
  • You must ensure that you have filled out the refund form within twenty-four hours of the cancellation. 
  • If your booking were canceled due to Covid, you'd be eligible for a full refund. 
  • You'll get the refund in your bank account within seven to twenty working days. If you have made the payment through a credit card, you will get the refund within seven days. If you made the payment through cash, you would receive the refund within twenty working days. 
  • You can cancel online if you make the booking on the official website. 
  • If a person made your booking from a travel agency, you need to connect with them to make the booking. 

You must ensure that you have canceled as per the information above if you want customer service to compensate you. After that, you can even claim your refund. Once you have claimed your refund, then you'll receive the refund in your account. 

Connect with Porter Airlines Customer Service:

You can connect with the customer service team. For that, you only need to choose the details and information below. Ensure that you have made the call on the Porter Airlines Cancellation Phone Number to get the resolution. 

  • Dial the official number. That is 1-888-619-8622.
  • Now make the selection of the steps which are given above. 
  • Choose the appropriate options. 
  • Your call is going to be moved to the person who is trained to handle the cancellation query. 
  • You only need to share your details. 
  • Once you have shared it, then your issue will be quickly fixed. 

Porter Airlines Cancellation and Reimbursement FAQs: 

What happens if I cancel my Porter Airlines flight?

The result after the cancellation will ultimately depend on the type of ticket it was and whether it was refundable. If it is refundable, you will not be charged the cancellation fee. 

Can I cancel a Porter Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can undoubtedly cancel within twenty-four hours. Once you have done that, you're not going to be charged the cancellation fee of Porter Airlines because of the Porter Airlines 24 hours Cancellation Policy, which helps you make free cancellations twenty-four hours before the flight's departure time. 

What happens if you cancel a Porter Airlines non-refundable flight?

If you have canceled a Porter Airlines non-refundable ticket, you will be charged the cancellation fee. The Porter Airlines Cancellation Fees will be around $100 to $500. In case you have made the booking of the international flight, then your charges are going to be more than the domestic flight. 

Can I get Porter Airline's compensation for a 2-hour flight delay?

Yes, you're entitled to get the compensation in case there has been a delay from the side of Porter Airlines. You can get a bonus, or you can take the replacement flight, which will be available for you in the next two hours. The airline will try to arrange a flight for you within the next two hours. This is possible if your Porter Airlines Cancellation has been made by the airlines. 

How do I know if my Porter Airlines flight is refundable?

To know if your Porter Airline is refundable or not. You need to check the flight status. For that, you only need to stick to the simple and easy steps provided below. 

  • Get on the website of Porter Airlines. 
  • Now make the selection of the "Manage Booking" button. 
  • Enter the code of booking and the name of the passenger. 
  • Press the button search. 
  • Once the investigation is over, then you need to open your booking. 
  • Now you can see if your reservation is refundable or not. 

If it is refundable, you can get on the official website and fill up the form of refund. In this way, you'll be able to get compensation. You must ensure that you have used an authentic website for this purpose. Soon, you'll be ready to make a new booking and enjoy your trip.