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How do I Change my Trip on Sunwing Airlines?

There are reasons behind when passengers decide to change their flight tickets or trip that they have reserved. If a trip is booked with Sunwing, and suddenly travelers plan to change their flight tickets to another date. For this process, they need the help of the airline to know the procedure, and they must ask about How to change my trip on Sunwing? Sunwing is a Canadian airline giving the opportunity to purchase flight tickets at meager prices. They also give allowance to the travelers to change their trip to other dates and to get informed about the process.

Sometimes, when passengers are new to the airline, or they are traveling on a flight for the first time, they might not be the ones with complete knowledge about the Sunwing Change Flight process; for those travelers, steps are given in the below steps:

Here are Points to Change the Flight Tickets on Sunwing Airlines:

  • Visit the official website of Sunwing Airlines through any web browser.
  • Go to the top of the screen and tap on the ‘manage trip’ option.
  • Travelers have to enter the information of the flight tickets like last name and reservation number on the tab prompted on the screen.
  • Several options will be there on the new page; choose the ‘change flight’ option from the section.
  • The flight details will appear on the screen of the passengers from where they click on the ‘change date option’ to change the date of the trip.
  • Enter the new date when travelers have decided to travel in the future. If there are any changing fees, pay the charges, and your flight tickets will get changed by the airline. 
  • The confirmation mail with e-tickets will be sent to the travelers at their email addresses. 
  • Also, contact the travel agents or agencies nearby your location who helped travelers book flight tickets. 
  • Ask them to change the flight tickets to another date when travelers desire to travel.

Tips and Deals to Change the Flight Tickets:

If passengers are searching for any deals when changing their flight tickets with Sunwing, then the airline renders passengers apply for them. For grabbing them, you can see the type of deals available:

  • Use miles for changing trips: if passengers are trying to change the flight dates of their tickets on Sunwing, then they must use the miles rewards to get offers. These miles are provided by the airline for frequent flyers. These miles are used for getting discounts on changing the trip.
  • Use promo codes: the passengers who are ready to change their flight tickets to another date and want offers applied to them can use promo codes rendered by the airline as a refund when the flight tickets are canceled.

For further support, communicate with Sunwing Airlines Customer Service through their calling process or via chat services for needy passengers. They will provide their passengers with all the information about changing the flight tickets and how much it costs to change the flight tickets. 


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