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How do I check-in for my flight on Emirates Airlines?†

Emirates airline provides different ways to check in for the flight so that you will feel comfortable while proceeding with the check-in process. You need not worry because you can access Emirates Airlines Check-in everywhere, whether at the airport or on your phone. You can follow this article to learn more about check-in and the facilities provided by the airline.  

Check-in Process provided by the Emirates Airlines

  • Online check-in 
  • Self-service check-in ( Dubai only) or Kiosk 
  • Home check-in. 

Emirates Airline Check-in Timings 

According to the Emirates authority, the check-in counter opens up to 3 hours before the departure schedule. 

  • The passengers can visit the counter until 90 minutes before the flight departure time. 
  • In case of any emergency, you can still inform the authority 6 minutes prior to the flight departure schedule. 

Boarding Timing: the boarding starts 45 minutes before the departure schedule of the flight, and the counter closes 20 minutes before the flight departure schedule.

If you exceed the time limit, the authority will not allow you to enter the boarding area for further traveling.

How Does Emirates Airlines Online Check-in Work? 

Once you are part of Emirates, you will get access to online checks, which is easy and designed in such a way that it is user friendly. You need to complete the check-in process through the web, or you can take the help of an airline's official app to check in. After that, you will receive the boarding pass on your system or phone. 

Online Check-in Terms and Conditions

  • According to the online check-in rule, you can check in between 48 hours and 90 minutes before the flight's departure. 
  • Online check-in is unavailable for the flight if it is booked through a third party instead of through the official site of Emirates Airline. 
  • If you apply for the online check-in, you can choose the passengers you want to check in, but that should be up to 9 passengers traveling together on the same booking.) 

Once you have completed the Emirates Airlines Online Check-in process, then you will receive an e -boarding pass on your registered email id, or if you have applied through mobile check-in, then you will receive a barcode on your phone then scan this code at the check-in counter and receive the boarding pass. 

How can you Check-in at Self-Service or Kiosk Check-in?

Emirates airline provides a machine known as a self-service or kiosk machine that is programmed so that you can check in by yourself and get the boarding pass within a few seconds quickly at your side. You will get the self-service at Emirates Terminal 3. But if you have baggage, then it needs to be dropped at the bag drop for the check in process. 

Emirates Kiosk Check-in Procedure 

Now you are fortunate if you travel with the Emirates because all the self-service machines or kiosks are automated. 

  • You can scan the QR code through your mobile device. 
  • After scanning, you will get the blanks, fill in with booking details and click on check-in.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the soft copy of your boarding pass on your phone without any effort. 
  • You can also choose your seat and additional options, such as baggage allowance then get your pass. Following that, reach your respective terminal and have a pleasant full journey. 

Emirates Airlines Home Check-in Process

The Emirates Airlines also provide a home check in option in which you are allowed to check in and send your baggage to the airport. In the case of Home Emirates Airlines Check-in Process, you can apply for it 12 hours before the departure of the flight. The Emirates check-in counters anywhere in Dubai operate between 48 and 12 hours before the departure schedule of the flight.


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