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How do I report a problem with Amtrak?

If you recently traveled with Amtrak and during your journey, you faced any problem and you want to make a complaint about it, then don't panic. Here you will know  How do I complain to Amtrak? But you need to know the process of making a complaint. However, Amtrak is one largest rail routes, so some of the problems may occur, but if they get the complaint, they surely work on it to make their passengers comfortable. You can follow the steps to make a complaint on Amtrak.

Different ways to Report a problem with Amtrak

There are several ways by which you can complain on Amtrak; Amtrak provides phone numbers, a live chat process, an email option, social media platform, and a virtual assistance box to make a complaint through these platforms. Read the steps to raise a complaint on Amtrak.

File Complaints at Amtrak via Virtual Assistant

You can raise a complaint through Amtrak Travel virtual assistance. For that, you have to go to the official website of Amtrak and go to the contact us section there; you will see Amtrak's virtual assistance box. Write your query over there with your reservation details to get the actual information; in some time, you will get the revert from virtual assistance to follow the page and conversation till you don't receive the complaint number.

Official Link for Virtual Assistant Julie:

File Complaints at Amtrak via Social Media 

You can also raise your complaint through their social media platform by directly texting on their social media handles with your reservation details. Amtrak Customer service is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You have to go to the official website of Amtrak and click on the contact us option there; you will find the social media handles of Amtrak. After texting, you will get a revert in some time. Continue the conversation until you receive your complaint reference number in your email or text.

Social Media Pages of Amtrak

Register Complaint via Phone Call

This is the most convenient method for customers to contact Amtrak to make a complaint. Read the steps to make a complaint through a phone call.

  • Open the official website of Amtrak and then go to the contact us option.
  • You will find the customer care numbers and select the number according to your region.
  • Dial the number and press 1 to select the language to English.
  • Press 9 to talk to the customer care executive of Amtrak. And once the call gets connected, provide them with your reference number and other details.
  • Once they verify it, tell them your complaint, and he will raise the complaint request for you. Once it's done, you will receive a text in which you can track your complaint status.

Official Customer Service Numbers of Amtrak

  1. Customer Service Number 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)
  2. For International visitors, 1-215-854-7924
  3. Group Travel requests 1-800-872-1477
  4. Amtrak Guest rewards 1-800-307-5000
  5. Reporting suspicious activities and emergencies to Amtrak police at 1-800-331-0008 
  6. Advertising inquiries 202-906-4020

Complain via Email

You can also get through them via mail; you can complain at their email address, which is available on the official website of Amtrak in the contact us section.

Now you will know How to get Amtrak support, and you can easily make a complaint on Amtrak by following these steps. Visit the official website of Amtrak and navigate to page to register your complaint by email.

Amtrak Mailing Address:

Amtrak Headquarters

1 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20001



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