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How to Contact Aeromar Airlines to get Cheap Flight for same Day?

While traveling with an airline, there might be several questions that can arise, and to solve that, there is the customer service team. And if you are traveling with the Aeromar and want to know the procedure through which you can speak with the customer service, refer to the below points.

How to get in Touch with Aeromar Airlines through Call

Get in touch with the live person via call and resolve the issue at once. And the process to obtain an Aeromar phone number (55) 5133 1111 follows these steps:-

  1. Search for the official page of Aeromar by your internet browser or opera the mobile application of Aeromar airlines
  2. On The homepage of Aeromar ocean, then take the cursor down there, and you will have the customer service number.
  3. Select a number according to your region and get the live person.

Get Aeromar Airlines through Online Form

You can also get in touch by using the online form. And to get the online form option, as you have visited the official page of Aeromar, there you have the ash board you have the message icon select that icon, and after that, you have to fill in the details like the name, phone number, email and submit that. After submitting the form, the cluster service will get back to you appropriately.

Get Aeromar Airlines via Whatsapp 

By messaging through WhatsApp, you can also get the solution accordingly. And to fetch the WhatsApp details, visit the dashboard in the right corner of the official page. Select the WhatsApp option, and once you select the WhatsApp option, you have three different options; choose the customer service option and get in touch with customer service.

Get Connected through Social Media

Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is also the medium by which you can get in touch with customer service, and the official account of these social media you can avail from the right corner of the official page.

How to get Cheap Flights for the Same Day?

There are also several through which you can get the deals by booking the flight ticket on the same day. And ways to book Aeromar Cheap Flights are as follows:-

Flight Credit/Miles 

When you travel with the airline, you earn the points, and you can use that point at the time of booking and get a discount on the original price. To convert or to use the mile, you can ask the customer service for help at the same,


By using the coupon or the voucher also, you can avail yourself of the discount from the airline that the airline uses to attract the customer; they issue the coupon on traveling so you can apply that coupon and have a cheap flight booking.


You can also use the incognito mode to get a cheap flight fare. In incognito mode, you can compare the flight ticket and book the ticket from a site that provides you with the best and cheapest deal.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is when the airline's regular customer has received a gift or voucher as a gesture by the airline. If you are booking, then consider visiting the official page and logging into your account, and check otherwise, contact the customer service of the particular airline.

Although you can get a cheap flight on the same day, consult with the Aeromar Customer Service by any of the appropriate means mentioned in the above article.