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How do I Contact Scoot Customer Service?

So you have packed all your bags and are set to go to your destination by flying with a low-cost Singapore Airlines named Scoot. You reach the airport and wait for your flight. But your flight is getting delayed. You waited, but the waiting hours were getting longer than expected. You are getting a little frustrated as you must attend a really important meeting tomorrow. You need to contact Scoot Airlines customer service now. In this situation and any issue regarding booking, baggage, voucher use, or others, you can contact the customer service representatives who will help you resolve the issue. You can contact the Airline through a phone call, on the live chat option, or other methods.

How do I Call Scoot Airlines?

To get help on any itinerary-related issue, go through the following contact Information:

Scoot Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • You can call Scoot Airlines' customer service Number, +65 6329 1420 or 1-805-817-0926 (OTA)
  • If you are in the Hongkong SAR, dial +852 3501 2287 on your device. Dial the number and connect the call.
  • For Australia, connect to the number: +61 3 9999 7487
  • For Support in Greece: 800 0000 135
  • Phone Number for Germany: 0800 000 1872

While connecting the call, you will hear IVR commands that you have to follow as per your issues and connect with the live representatives. Here is the IVR menu given as follows:

  • You can press 0 to choose your preferred language.
  • You can press 1 to make new bookings with Scoot.
  • You can press 2 to know the flight status of the flight.
  • You should press 3 if you want to change your bookings.
  • Or you can press # to connect your call with one of the live executives of the Airline who can help you resolve the issue.

Methods to Approach the Scoot Customer Service Team

Apart from calling the customer service of the Airline, you can come in contact with its representatives. You can connect through live chat, email, social media, or others. Here are these methods explained in detail. You can choose any of these given methods as they suit you. 

Connect to Scoot Airlines by Live Chat

You can also get help from the live chat session with one of the live virtual agents of Scoot. You will be advantageous here as there are no hold times, and you get real-time assistance from the Scoot customer service team. You can follow the given steps to get on the live chat:

  1. Firstly you need to go to the official site of 
  2. Then you have to go to the support and contact us page from the homepage.
  3. Here you have to click on the live chat icon
  4. As you click, the chat box gets opened and Chatbot M.A.R.V.I.E. is available 24/7
  • Here you can send greetings first
  • You will get instant replies
  • Now you can elaborate on the issue you are having with Scoot.
  • Hit the send button
  • The virtual live agent on the other side of the window will respond on the spot.
  • You can proceed with the conversation unless your issue gets culminated.

Connect Scoot Airlines by Sending an Email

Apart from using Scoot Airlines Phone Number, you can connect with the Airline through their email address on the website. If you have faced any inconvenience while traveling with Scoot, you can compose a comprehensive email to this address. As the concerned department will receive the email, stringent action will be taken to remove the fault. You are also suggested to attach some documents or files that are helpful in making your claim more concrete. You will get a suitable reply from the service team. Moreover, if the matter seems to be of great significance, then you may get a callback.

You can also send your feedback by filling out the Feedback or inquiry form: 

Communicate Scoot Airlines through Social Media

The social media platforms are not only for promotion and advertising of the airlines. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become very prominent. This is the era of technology, so you are advised to use technology wisely. If you have any issues in booking, baggage, flight delay, or others with Scoot, then you can connect the Airline with customer service at their social media handles. You can direct messages to them on its official social site accounts. Here are the links to social media given for your reference.

You are advised to go to its official site to get more help regarding any topic or issue related to your journey with Scoot. You can also make to its helpline number and discuss any doubts with its assisting executives. They will help you with the best solutions.

call-gif 1-805-817-0926
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