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How do I get a Refund from Air Transat?

When you travel, the worst thing that can happen is flight cancellation.. Flight cancellation is not easy to handle; whether the airline canceled your flight or you had to, applying for a refund is always a hassle. The process becomes easier if you are familiar with the airline policies and know where you stand with the refund amount. The same is the case when you are looking for the Air Transat refund process; you will get the details you might need here. It is always good to polish your knowledge of airline policies before you go for the refund request.

Policies for Getting Refund from Air Transat 

  1. There is always a certain time frame right after the booking is complete, within which canceling the flight can get you a full refund. If you look at the back of your ticket confirmation, you can see some very basic policies written and the period mentioned. Usually, the free cancellation period is up to 24 hours from the booking time.
  2. Getting a refund might be difficult if the ticket in question is not under flexible fares. The Air Transat refund policy is restrictive at certain times, so before applying for the refund, make sure your ticket is under flexible fares.
  3. If you used a third-party company to book the tickets, Air Transat asks you to request that agency or agent apply for a refund on your behalf. In these situations, the airline will not accept the request directly from the passenger.
  4. Air Transat says the passengers are liable for a penalty for the no-show scenario. 
  5. This airline follows European rules and regulations while traveling from European countries. Their policies state that if the airline cancels the flight, then passengers are eligible for a full refund and compensation.
  6. If a flight travels from Europe and lands anywhere outside Europe, but the flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours, the passengers are eligible to get compensation. 
  7. Even if your ticket is not refundable, you are often eligible to get at least the tax money and airport security fees back.
  8. The cancellation fee that Air Transat charges can lie anywhere between $100-$400; this will depend on the type of ticket you get.
  9. When you get a refund in credit, you are not allowed to make a partial refund; the airline will not split up the refund money as it is not possible to do so. So availing half credit is not possible.

How to Apply for Refund

If you are not familiar with the Air Transat refund process, You can go through these steps.

  1. Visit Air Transat's official webpage
  2. Find the customer care/helpdesk option
  3. Find the Air Transat refund and cancelation tab
  4. A form will appear when you are to apply for the refund, fill out this form and submit it.

The process will take not more than 7-10 business days. You might need some assistance and guidance for the procedure; you can also find the Air Transat customer care number on the same helpline page. Customer care is available throughout the day and every day. The experts will resolve all your issues and give great assistance.