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How do I get in touch with Japan Airlines?†

Japan Airlines is Japan's flag air carrier, and its headquarters is based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It is classified as a 5-star airline that schedules flights to domestic and international destinations. If you are someone who has some queries about making the bookings and would like to contact Japan Airlines Customer Service, you will find several mediums. On the contact mediums, one can also ask for the cancellation or rebooking and apply for a refund or compensation if facing an inconvenience on your flight. 

How to connect with Japan Airlines by Phone?

If you want to connect with a live person, then considering the calling medium will be beneficial for you. A person can contact a live person asking various questions using the Japan Airlines phone number. You can find the contact number of customer service on the official site. There are different numbers available for obtaining assistance in different languages, which are listed below:

  • For assistance in English at Japanese Airlines from USA/Canada, dial the following numbers.
  1. For Japanese / English Language
  2. Telephone Number: 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663)
  3. Telephone Number (Outside the US / Canada): +1-310-607-4160 (charges apply)
  4. TOP FLYER LINE: 1-866-867-3597
  • For assistance from Germany dial the following Numbers: 
  1. For English / German Language
  2. use the Japanese Airlines Customer Service number in Germany: 069-8679-8700
  3. For the Japanese Language in Germany: 069-86798777
  • For assistance from Japan, you must dial the following number
  1. For the Japanese language: 4001-27-2470
  2. <86>(021)5467-4532 from overseas
  3. For English speaking: 4008-88-5301
  4. <86>(021)5467-4533 from overseas

How to Reach Japan Airlines?

  • Dial the contact number of customer service,
  • Listen to the IVR instructions attentively,
  • Press 1 for the flight status,
  • Press 2 to book a ticket,
  • Press 3 to cancel a ticket,
  • Press # for connecting with a representative,
  • Your call will go on hold for a minute till the call meets with a live person,
  • Then you can speak with the representative on the call for your support.

How to Connect with Japan Airlines by Email?

If you need to contact Japan Airlines by Email, you can deliver your mail directly from their website. A person can send their queries or call requests through email, and an official will contact the customer as soon as possible.

The Process to send Emails at Japan Airlines:

  • Go to their official page 
  • Locate the Contact Us option on the homepage,
  • Select the “Connecting through Email” option on the Contact page,
  • Add the suitable details in the email,
  • Then press Submit to deliver the email to Japan Airlines.

How to Connect with Japan Airlines via a Live Chat?

If a person likes to get virtual assistance from a live representative of Japan Airlines, then you use their website for this as well to solve your queries. On the live chat, assistance can be obtained anytime, and you get the solution to any queries related to your journey with the airline.

Steps to Connect via Live Chat with Japan Airlines:

  • Visit their official site,
  • Go to the Contact Us page,
  • Click on the option of “Ask Questions by Chat,”
  • A chat support window will appear on the screen,
  • Type your question and send it in the chat window,
  • Chat with the live representative till you obtain all the information you need.

How to connect with Japan Airlines through Social Media?

The social media platform has become a place where you can find anything; now, customers having queries from the airline are reaching out to the officials on the social platform without a second thought. Japan Airlines has assigned several officials on their social media accounts to share updates and support needed customers.

The process to connect with Japan Airlines on social media:

  • Open the official site on your browser,
  • Reach the bottom of the homepage,
  • Select the social media you prefer to contact Japan Airlines,
  • Sign in with the required account on the directed page,
  • Click the message option to send your queries to the inbox,
  • You will get a reply from an official on the social media account shortly.

Social Media Pages:

Hence, if a person requires information from Japan Airlines officials, customer service is present on several mediums. A live person can be found on the Japan Airlines customer service number, live chat medium, or multiple social media accounts. If you want to request a callback from an official, you have the email option too. 

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