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How do I Request a Callback from Delta?

The callback feature is a game-changer that enables better communication between the customer and service provider. Delta is the first choice for millions of people, but looking at the numbers, it is impossible to respond to every call and email instantly. To remedy this situation, Delta came up with the callback feature. 

It allows you to request a call back from Delta at your desired date and duration to help you with your query and doubt. This option is beneficial because you don't have to wait for long hours in the queue and have enough time to gather all the documents and information you will need. This article is all about a detailed explanation of the procedure and other details that will help you better. 

Steps to Request a Callback from Delta?

The airline website is enough to get a callback. Every tool is available online, so you simply need to read through the procedure and repeat it. The following lines will describe the various ways that are available for you to connect. 

Get Callback through Online Form Submission

This allows them to skip the trouble of finding the call number, calling, and holding the line for long minutes. This form can help you express your doubts and concerns easily. 

  • Visit Delta Airlines' official website.
  • Open the help center link.
  • Lick on the feedback and request form link. 
  • Fill out your details, mention the date and time you wish to receive the callback at., your reason for requesting the callback, etc. 

After submitting the form, you only need to wait and be available at the call time.

Get Delta Callback Through Call

You will notice the difference between the regular call and requesting a callback here. While calling for help, you have to wait or keep calling to connect with an executive; with the  Delta callback number, you instruct the airline about the timings you wish to receive the call. 

  • Dial the airline's usual customer service number; make sure this number belongs to the general sales and services category. If needed, you can get other departments' numbers as well. 
  • Call the airline. Once the call is connected, you will hear the IVR system greeting you. 
  • The system will ask you to select your preferred language. Afterward, it will ask you to select the department of your query. 
  • Next, it will ask you if you would like to connect the call or if you wish to get a callback.
  • Press the number corresponding to the callback option. 
  • Next, you need to select a period you are comfortable with. 
  • Finally, press the number to confirm the scheduling.
  • With this, your callback request becomes complete. 

Send An Email to get Callback

Passengers ask how do you get Delta callback? Especially by using the email option? And though it might not sound effective, you can always utilize this option to get a response. Just use the online mail service available in the help action of the website. Open the link and fill out your details. Attach any necessary files and documents that can explain why you need a callback. After you submit the form, the airline will send you an email confirmation. 

The above three methods are the ones mostly used by the passengers. You can use the other contact options available, like chatting and social media, but the chances of getting a quick response are less in these cases. 

What is the Delta Callback Number?

Just as the name suggests, the Delta callback number allows you to request a call back from Delta Airlines. You can use 1-800-221-1212 to connect with customer service. Just as described above, you would need to follow the IVR procedure to successfully schedule your callback. 

If the given number fails to connect you, you can try sending your request at or The staff works round the clock, but due to the heavy influx of requests, one can expect a reply within 24hours to 48 hours. 




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