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How do I Speak to Qantas Airlines Customer Service?

Qantas Airways is a leading Australian Airline operating on a wide network of domestic and international destinations around the globe. Suppose you want to visit Australia and have booked a ticket on Qantas Airlines; you may have a few queries and issues about the flight and the services of the Airline. You can contact Qantas airways customer service for all the required information. There are several ways to contact Qantas Airways customer service if you have any questions about the airline. 

How to Get Someone at Qantas Airways?

You can call customer service and connect with them to ask about your doubts and issues. Qantas Airways' phone number is available on the official webpage of the Airline. Calling is the most preferred mode to connect as it is the quickest, and you can directly talk to a person from customer care for assistance.

Connect to Qantas Airways Customer Service via Phone Call

You have to go through an easy method to call and follow the IVR instructions and connect with the customer service of Qantas Airways as given below:

  • Call +1 1800 227 4500 for USA
  • Press 1 to choose the language
  • Press2 to learn about booking, cancellation, refund,re-booking
  • Press 3 to learn about allowance and restrictions on baggage
  • Press 4 to learn about the special assistance services
  • Press # to talk to a customer service representative

Qantas Airways Customer Service Phone Numbers:

  • Contact Qantas on 1 800 227 4500 in the USA 
  • Contact Qantas on 1 800 177 474 in Australia   
  • Qantas Customer Service Australia Call at 13 13 13
  • For Feedback or to make a Complaint in USA toll-free telephone number 1 855 477 9316

Communicate Qantas Airways via Live Chat: 

Qantas airways facilitate live webchat for the customers to ask about their queries and issues. Live chat is an effective mode of communication for connecting faster with customer service, and you can also avoid the hold time of the call. The process to get into a live chat with a representative from customer service is very simple, as given below:

Communicate Qantas Airways via Email: 

You can send an email to Qantas Airways customer service at Upon receiving your mail, customer support will revert to you on the queries and issues you have mentioned in the email. Customer service can take a while to respond to the mail, and you may have to wait a little longer to get your issues and queries resolved.

Communicate Qantas Airways via Feedback Form: 

There is a feedback form on the official website of Qantas Airways, which you can fill out and submit to send your queries and complaints if any. It can be done in a very simple manner as follows:

Communicate Qantas Airways via Social Media: 

Qantas Airways actively connects with its customers on social media platforms. You can go to the social media pages of Qantas Airways and send your message through them. You can also give reviews of appreciation and your dislikes about the Qantas Airline services. The social media pages of Qantas Airways are:

If you want to connect with the Qantas Airways customer service number in the United States of America, you can



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