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How do I Talk to a Real Person at WestJet Airlines?†

Suppose you are facing difficulty in your booking process, need assistance with your travel queries, want to avail of a special service on the flight, or have general inquiries. In that case, you must wish to contact WestJet customer service. The customer service is ready to provide their passengers with any help and can guide their customers on the booking procedure. 

How to Speak to Someone at WestJet Airlines? 

If you want to contact a live person at the WestJet customer service team, contact the customer care number for assistance. There you will get a live person to discuss your issues. Below, the calling steps are provided for you.

Steps to Speak with WestJet Live Person

Call on the WestJet Customer Service Number: 1 888 937 8538, and go through the following options:

  • Press 1 to change the language,
  • Press 2 to continue with the same language,
  • Press 3 to listen to the Assistance Menu,
  • Press 4 to speak with a live representative for your queries.

When Can I Contact WestJet Airlines Customer Service

You should know when you can contact the customer service team of WestJet Airlines. Refrain from contacting the representative for unnecessary reasons, as several passengers are waiting for human assistance for genuine issues. You can contact WestJet for the listed reasons:

  • To reserve a flight at WestJet.
  • Canceling a flight at and refund request 
  • To make changes on the flight ticket, like date change, name change, destination change, etc.
  • To upgrade your already flight ticket.

You can use the WestJet phone number to learn about the deals & offers, vacation packages, or group discounts directly from an agent.

Contact for general inquiries related to the flight and their services.

Different Ways To Contact WestJet Customer Service

One can get many contacting ways to reach the WestJet customer service team and speak about their queries or issues. They provided the customers with WestJet Airlines Phone Numbers, live chat, email, social media accounts, and support forms. They allowed them to get through any time for help related to flight tickets or services. The contact ways are as follows:

Contact WestJet Customer Service via Phone Call

Reach a live representative by calling their customer service number 1 888 937 8538. You can use a toll-free number to attain free assistance and be relaxed about travel issues. Dial the number, select a language, and follow the IVR instructions:

  • Press 1 to check flight status,
  • Press 2 to check your flight ticket status,
  • Press 3 to contact a live representative.
  • Wait for the allotted hold time, and then you can talk with a live representative of WestJet.

WestJet Customer Service Hours

WestJet customer service hours are available 24 hours. One can contact them on various platforms whenever one wants. The assistance is provided by the team non-stop. However, depending on the call volumes, you may find connecting with a live person difficult. Virtual assistants are always active in connecting with their customers on live chat and social media platforms—reply to support forms and emails depending on the availability of representatives. However, you can send your queries through these options anytime.

Contact Information of WestJet Customer Service

  • Phone Number for New or Existing Bookings and General Inquiries: 1-888-937-8538 (Toll-free from Canada), Hours of operation:24 hours/day,7 days/week
  • Missing or Damaged Bags: 1-866-666-6224(Toll-free from Canada) and Number for Outside Canada +1-403-444-2581 (Additional charges and restrictions may apply.)
  • Phone Number for Hearing Impaired(TTY): Toll-free: 1-877-952-0100 (Please only use this number if you have a hearing impairment)
  • Guests with disabilities experiencing difficulties accessing Toll-free: 1-866-693-7853
  • WestJet Vacations Bookings: 1-877-737-7001 (Toll-free from Canada)
  • WestJet Cargo: 1-403-444-2435,1-866-952-2746 (1-866-WJ-CARGO)
  • International Number: Calling from a country not listed, or if a specific number is not working, then call +1-403-444-2446
  • WestJet Mexico: 001-855-269-2979
  • WestJet Puerto Rico: 1-866-886-2388
  • WestJet Spain: 00-800-5381-5696
  • Sales and Service: 1-888-937-8538
  • WestJet Store: 403-539-7099, Fax: 403-648-8715 Open Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT
  • WestJet Postal Addresses

WestJet Campus, 22 Aerial Place N.E.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2E 3J1

Contact WestJet Customer Service via Live Chat 

For getting quick responses, you can use the live chat as a contacting way and get through to a WestJet live person. You can find information on travel policies, cancellation and refund procedures, baggage allowance, and many more topics on the live chat medium. Follow the below steps to connect with a person for virtual assistance:

  • Go to the website:,
  • Look at the corner of your screen for the chat option,
  • Click on the chat option to open a window,
  • Ask a question by typing in the chat window,
  • The connected person will instantly share the relevant information.

Contact WestJet Customer Service via Social Media

WestJet customer service provides support through social media accounts. They have increased the reach of customers to their customer service team by allowing them to message on social media sites. One can obtain support by tagging the posts mentioning their queries, adding comments on WestJet's posts, and direct messaging on the inbox. If you want to direct on WestJet's social media pages, follow the instructions:

  • Head to WestJet's website,
  • Check out the end of the homepage at the link. Contact us by social media (24/7)
  • Click on a social media account of your choice from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp,
  • The concerned page will open on your screen,
  • Log in with your account to connect with a WestJet representative.

WestJet Social Media Pages:

Contact WestJet Customer Service via Email 

You can ask for information, and travel packages, share your opinions, or file complaints related to WestJet airlines via email. A live person from the customer service team will review your email and send a reply within two days. So if you want to email the customer service team, write the concerned email and send it to Patiently wait for their reply or use the other contacting ways if your query is urgent.

Email and share feedback

Contact WestJet Customer Service via the Support Form 

WestJet has also provided an online support form to know about the customers' queries. You can share your issues and questions through the support form and expect a reply from the official soon. The support form is needed to be filled out online with the questions and contact number. Adhere to the steps and submit the support form to WestJet Airlines:

  • Open the website on your browser, Email, and share feedback
  • Click on the Feedback button,
  • Select the "Customer Support" option in the Subject column,
  • Now add your contact number and email address to obtain assistance,
  • Mention the question you have on the support form,
  • Afterward, hit the submit button, which will be sent to WestJet customer service.

Other Important Helpful Links at WestJet:

How to Talk to a Person at WestJet?

There are some points mentioned that you should consider talking with a live person at WestJet for your support:

  • Use the calling method for a better and more detailed conversation with a WestJet representative. You can discuss your query thoroughly with the official over the call.
  • To get through a live representative, you can use the WestJet airlines customer service number 1-(888)-937-8538, a toll-free number.
  • Contact the customer service team when you have enough time for a thorough discussion to discuss your issue patiently.
  • Patiently wait on the allotted hold time, as directing calls to a live representative may take some time.

How to get the Callback from WestJet Airlines?

If you have tried reaching out to the customer service team over the call but obtained a very long hold time and want to request a callback from WestJet Airlines, you can also get an online callback request form. Fill out the online form with the given steps:

  • Open the contact page of WestJet on your device,
  • Scroll to the "Request a Callback" section,
  • Hit the "Flights and Inquiries call back" button,
  • Choose a date and time and enter your phone number,
  • Then click the submit button to send your callback request at WestJet.

For the WestJet Vacation-related queries, use the "Vacation Inquiries Call Back" button under the callback section and schedule a call from an official at your preferred time.

Frequently Asked Questions To Contact WestJet Customer Service

How Do I Send an Email to WestJet?

You can use WestJet's official email address,, to send your queries, concerns, opinions, feedback, or complaints. An official from the customer service team will revert to your email as soon as possible.

Does WestJet have an Online Chat?

Yes, WestJet has an online chat option provided on its official website. It is available 24*7. To use the online chat medium, go to their website and select the chat option, then either log in with your messenger or continue as a guest and send your queries. Now, you can chat with a live representative.

How do I contact WestJet Customer Service?

You can use the following WestJet Airlines customer service phone number depending on your need:

  • For flight-related queries: 1 888 937 8538
  • For trips related queries: 1 877 737 7001

Instead of calling, you have alternative options as well to contact WestJet customer service, which is:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Support Form

Does WestJet have WhatsApp? 

Yes, WestJet has WhatsApp; one can connect with Juliet to get answers to questions related to flight status, baggage allowance, seat upgrades, and other related topics. It is WestJet's Naomi-powered virtual assistant for customer help.



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