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How Do I Upgrade My Seat at Delta Airlines?

When you book a ticket on Delta Airlines, a seat will be assigned to you automatically after the booking is confirmed. However, later if you wish to upgrade the seat to have a more comfortable journey or due to some health reasons, you must be aware of the ways to Upgrade My Seat at Delta Airlines before boarding the scheduled flight.

The Process to Upgrade the Seat on Delta Airlines

Once you are sure to book a better seat for the journey with Delta Airlines, try either of the mentioned processes to book a seat on the first or premium class of Delta Airlines:

Online Seat Upgrade at Delta Airlines 

You can change seats to a higher class on the scheduled flight of Delta Airlines through an online method that is convenient and easy to comprehend. Just go through a few steps as described and get the desired seat:

  • Go to the official website of Delta Airlines
  • Click on ‘My Trips’ at the top of the homepage
  • Enter your confirmation number and name 
  • Get the booking details
  • Choose Select seat option from the list
  • Select the desired upgraded seat, if it is available
  • Pay the difference between the fare and the selection fee if required
  • Complete the entire process with the given instructions
  • Get an instant confirmation from Delta Airlines on the upgrade and booking of the seat.

Upgrade seats from the Delta app

Download the Delta Airline app on your phone and sign in to the account to select your desired seat on the flight. You can easily access the seat upgrade services of Delta Airlines anytime. You will receive extra benefits if you are a frequent flyer with the airline.

It is important to mention that seat upgrades on the scheduled flight will be subject to availability and other terms and conditions of Delta Airlines.

Offline Process for Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade

Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade by Phone Call 

You can call Delta Airlines customer service and request to upgrade the seat for a better journey or if there is any specific medical condition. The customer service representative will provide complete guidance on the upgrade's availability, fare difference, and other related information. For assistance on Delta Airlines seat upgrade fare, call customer service in the given way:

  • Dial 800 221 1212 official number for Delta Airlines Customer Service
  • The call will connect with an IVR; you can follow the further instructions
  • Choose the IVR option for upgrading the seat or, 
  • Select the option for speaking to a person from Delta Airlines.
  • Discuss your intention and reasons for the seat upgrade
  • Select from the options given by the customer service representative
  • Make the necessary payment
  • Get confirmation immediately on the seat upgrade in your email.

Seat Upgrade While Check-in: 

When completing the check-in procedure for a Delta Airlines flight, you can upgrade the seats through both web check-in or at the airport counter check-in. You will have to pay the extra charges and choose a seat from the available seat map of your scheduled flight.

Can I Do a Delta Seat Upgrade After Purchase?

Yes, a Delta seat can be upgraded after purchase and confirmation of the tickets. Except for basic economy tickets, you can select and Upgrade seats online at Delta Airlines or with assistance from customer service. You will have to pay the difference in the fare while booking the seat.

Type of Seat Upgrade

 If a passenger wishes to upgrade the seat on Delta Airlines, there are a few kinds of seats available for upgrades which are as follows:

Complimentary upgrade: If you are a member of Delta medallion, then you may get a complimentary upgrade of your seat on Delta first class or premium category in the Delta flight.

Global upgrades: If you have a membership of Delta Diamond medallion, you can enjoy several perks from the airline, including upgraded seats and better services onboard on overseas flights.

Delta seat upgrade with Miles: If you become a sky miles member on Delta Airlines, you can upgrade the seat on a scheduled flight to have a comfortable journey and derive other benefits from the extra deposited miles from the airline. With the miles, you may have to pay less for the upgrade on Delta one, Delta premium, or first class.

Delta same-day standby upgrade: If you request an upgrade on a same-day flight, then you may be on standby for the pending upgrade for the reason of availability. If your preferred seat is available, you will receive confirmation from Delta on the upgrade.

How Much Do I Need to Pay For the Delta Seat Upgrade? 

If you wish to fly with better services from Delta Airlines and enjoy more comfort onboard, get acquainted with the seat upgrade charges of Delta Airlines:

  • Delta Airlines charges $0.01 per mile as an upgrade fee.
  • You will have to pay the difference in the fare for the upgraded seat.
  • If you get the upgrade within 24 hours of booking, no service fee will be charged by Delta Airlines.
  • If the upgrade is done after the risk-free period, an additional amount of seat upgrade will be charged with the other costs.

For more information and assistance on the seat upgrade, kindly call on Delta Airlines' phone number to get in touch with customer service.



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