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How Do I Upgrade my Seat on Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways bring a feature that consistently meets the customer’s demands. Now, when you are choosing a seat, then you should be careful. While travelling, seats play an imperative role. You can provide the choice during check-in, but still, airlines offer the seats on a first-come basis. But, sometimes, during booking, the flyer forgot to choose the seat and end up with the one that is not comfortable. 

Though to manage such a problem, Kuwait airways provide the option of upgrade. Yes, with Kuwait Airways Seat Upgrade option, you can choose the seat of your choice. Below you can go through the steps and learn about the process. 

Steps to Upgrade Seat On Kuwait Airways 

  • At first, you have to go to the official website of Kuwait. You can use the Kuwait Airways mobile application too. 
  • You can see the homepage where airlines provide a different option. 
  • Now, when you click on this, you can see the option for managing booking. This option is known as “ Manage my booking” With this option, you can bring changes to your current booking. 
  • When you click on it, you can see the various options, like upgrade seats, flight change, and much more. 
  • Here you have to provide the login information, and only then you can access the bookings. 
  • Next, you can click on the “upgrade option” you have to choose the booking in which you have to bring change. Now, make sure that you are choosing the correct one, especially when you are on the round trip. 
  • Once you choose the seat of your choice, then click on the “submit” option. 
  • When you submit this, then you can see it will take a little time to respond. Once the seat is fixed, then you can go with the payment option. Here you don’t have to reissue the ticket, it will be automatically updated 
  • But, during this, you have to bear the charges or fee for see upgrade. It can be different from the booking charges. The charges vary and depend on the type of upgrade you did 

In this way, you can run Kuwait Airways Seat Upgrade Process and get the seat of your choice. Now, during this, make sure that your ticket is eligible to run the upgrade process. If you are not doing this, then you can contact the support person of Kuwait airways for more information.


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