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How do you Apply for Refund from Air Transat for a Cancelled or Changed Flight?

Air Transat is a very prominent airline in the world. The services of Air Transat are all top-notch, and they always leave their passengers with utter satisfaction. They have made it very easy, to reach out to them in case of any query. Also, you can gain the advantage of each of their services.

If you have booked a flight on Air Transat, but you couldn’t get the best of it, so now you wish to get your Air Transat Refund for your flight change or flight cancelation, then you are on the right page. Refer to the article below to know all about the refund. 

How do you Apply for a Refund from Air Transat for a Canceled Flight? 

It is a very easy process to connect with Air Transat to get your refund from them. All you have to make sure of is follow the process as it is written below and get your refund.

Steps to Apply for a Refund for a Canceled Air Transat Flight

  • The start of requesting a refund happens when you visit the official website of Air Transat. 
  • Then, visit the “Contact” page of the airlines. 
  • You can easily spot the “Customer forms.” Find the refund request form named “Refund Request Form.” 
  • Once found, click on it and complete the form by filling out the required details of the form. 
  • When you have filled the form then, you have to press the “Submit” option. 
  • Once your refund request form is processed then, you will get a confirmation mail from Refund.
  • The customer care department will send your refund as per the Refund policy of Air Transat. 

You can also request an Air Transat refund on flight cancellation through the calling method too. All you will have to do is dial the number of Air Transat and once connected with the customer executive after the IVR process. You can request them to refund your flight ticket. 

How do you Apply for a Refund from Air Transat for a Changed Flight? 

If Air Transat has canceled your initial flight and put you on another immediate flight, but you don’t wish to travel on the next flight. So, you can easily apply for a refund for your changed flight. All you have to follow is what is written below; 

Process of Requesting a Refund after the Changed Flight

  1. All you have to visit the official website of Air Transat
  2. Visit the official contact page of the airline.
  3. You will find the Customer forms and refund request form from there.
  4. All you have to do is to fill out the form
  5. Send it to the department of Air Transat by pressing the submit button.   
  6. Air Transat customer service will process your refund request and will send a confirmation mail mentioning the details associated with the same. 

You can also request Air Transat Refund on flight change through the calling method and ask the live assistant at the desk to complete your refund request. They will assist you in all the possible ways to give your refund. 

Air Transat’s customer care service operated 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can get hold of them at any time of the day. Air Transat always make sure that each ride of their passengers is special and well served. So, they are always ready to help their passenger in all the possible methods. 



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