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How much does it cost to Change an Air Canada Flight?

Thousands of flights are booked every day, and many changed and canceled on a daily basis as well. Flight changes are more common than you think; therefore, every airline keeps certain rules and regulations to monitor and govern these modifications. If you booked the wrong itinerary by mistake, or if your plans have suddenly taken a different direction, then you need to make changes to your reservation to adjust to the new development.  

To understand how you can achieve this  Air Canada Flight Change service and how much you can expect to pay, read through this article. You will find all the necessary details and procedures. 

How much would Air Canada Flight-Change Cost?

An airline holds many aircraft under its belt. Different aircraft offer different types of cabins, and every cabin type has features that are specific to them. When you make changes to your itinerary such as modifying the flight day or timing, upgrading the existing ticket, etc., you will pay the modification fee based on two factors - One is how far before the scheduled take-off you are applying for the change and what type of cabin you are trying to move from. Based on these two factors, you can expect the Air Canada flight change fees to fall between the following range. 

  • Basic: Passengers are not allowed to make changes to basic fare tickets. Your only option would be to pay a fine and cancel the ticket.
  • Standard: you would pay around $100 if you make changes up to 60 days before the scheduled take-off, and if you make changes more than 61 days before departure, the price will be $25.
  • Flex: under the Flex fare, you pay a $50 fee for changes made within 60 days of take-off and $25 if it's more than 61 days.
  • Comfort: In this case, the fee is $25 for changes made up to 60 days before departure and $0 if done 61 or more days in advance. 
  • Latitude: $0 in both cases. 
  • Premium Economy: $0 in both cases.
  • Business: $0 in both cases.
  • Award Ticket: You pay $0-$100 per direction. As per the Air Canada Flight Change policy, this ticket class fee depends on the destination and route and will be different for everyone based on their ticket type. 
  • Same-Day Change: This can cost you from $0 to $100 depending on your ticket type and the days left for the departure. 

If you feel that there should be a reduction in the fee, you should connect with the support agent and discuss your concern. 

Does Air Canada allow Flight Change for Free?

No one likes to make extra payments, and most of the time find their way out of the fee payment. It's human nature to wish to get services for free. However, in order to maintain the airline and its functioning, the airline needs to make fee payment mandatory; otherwise, they would never have enough to operate the airline. In order to find common ground and provide the solution to "Can I change my Air Canada flight for free?" skepticism, the following rules came to light. 

  • The most important Air Canada flight change policy is the 24-hours flight change rule. This allows the passengers to cancel or make changes to their itinerary for free up to 24 hours post ticket confirmation. 
  • The above rule is only applicable if there are more than 7 days left in flight departure from the date of flight change request submission. 

If you make Flight change as per these Specifications:

  • Comfort Ticket: 60+ days before take-off.   
  • Premium Economy Flexible Fares: 2+ hours before take-off.
  • Latitude Fares: 2+ hours before departure. 
  • Business Class Flexible Fares: 2+ hours before departure.
  • Award Tickets for Altitude Super Elite 100k members: 2+ hours before departure.                                                                   
  • In the case of other types of fares, the Air Canada flight change fees would be charged as per the previously-mentioned data. 

Passengers who need clarification or need help calculating their fee amount can connect with the Air Canada support team. The airline has made access to their support desk easy and available to everyone. You can also connect with the booking agency responsible for your ticket booking and ask them about details regarding the same. 




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