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How to Book Flights at Austrian Airlines?

If you want to book an Australian Airlines flight ticket, it's effortless. You can make reservations using both online and offline methods. Besides, if you need to learn how Austrian Airlines Flight Booking works, here are stepwise processes given below for reference.

Online Booking Process at Austrian Airlines

  • Go to the homepage of Austrian Airlines and then visit the booking flight page.
  • Enter your departure and arrival destination, date, and the number of passengers 
  • Click on the search flight button, and you will get all the options on the next page. 
  • Select your preferred flight and click on the book flight options 
  • Provide the passenger's details and contact information required on the screen
  • Select the seats, meals option, and other details as per your preference 
  • Proceed with the booking and confirm all your inputs 
  • On the payment page, enter your payment details and clear all the payment 
  • Confirm the booking, and soon you will get a confirmation email from the airline 

Austrian Airlines Flight Booking via Phone Call

  • To purchase a ticket over the phone, call reservation number 1 800 843 0002
  • Choose the service language and follow IVR commands 
  • You can press 1 to connect your call to the reservation department 
  • Now to talk to a representative, and soon an agent will answer your call
  • Once connected, you can ask the agent you wish to book a flight ticket 
  • Provide booking details and other relevant information
  • The agent will check your preference and book the flight ticket simultaneously 
  • Once the booking is complete, you will get a confirmation email to confirm the booking 

You can choose any of the options above for your Austrian Airlines Reservations. Besides, you can always connect to the airline directly in case of any fuss or hassle.

How do I Get a Seat Assignment on Austrian Airlines? 

Austrian Airlines allow you to reserve the seat directly during booking, or you can add it later also. If you wish to add it later, follow the detailed stepwise process below.

  • Go to the homepage of Austrian Airlines and locate my booking section
  • Login to your account using the required details on the screen
  • Locate the booking details and select the trip you wish to add a seat for 
  • Go to the seat selection option and then choose the preferred seat from the seat map
  • You might need to pay the seat selection fee, so clear that if applicable 
  • Now confirm everything, and follow the instruction to complete the seat assignment process 
  • Austrian Airlines allow you to reserve the seat from 1 year in advance to 48 hours before departure. 

In addition to the Austrian Airlines seat Assignment process above, you also get various other ways to select your seat with the airline. If you need to know what they are, here is the list below for your reference.

  • Select a seat during the booking 
  • Choose a seat during online check-in
  • Select a seat by calling Austrian customer service 
  • Select your preferred seat at the airport 

How do I Check my  Austrian Airlines Flight Booking? 

In case you want to review your itinerary but don't know how to check the flight booking, here is the stepwise procedure you can follow to do so:- 

  • Go to the official web portal of Austrian Airlines
  • Then click on the My booking link under the Book section at the top
  • Now you get two options to log in; choose either of them
  • In case you don't have an account, go to the enter booking data link
  • Now provide the booking code, first name, and last name, and click on submit 
  • Go to the Booking dashboard, and there you can find all your booking
  • Select the booking you wish to check, click on the view button 
  • The booking details will be displayed on the screen, and you can check everything

In addition, you can also speak to the Austrian Airlines representative and request the agent to provide your booking details. Share the Austrian Airlines Booking Number you get on the registered email and your last name. The agent will retrieve the booking details and share them with you simultaneously.

How can I Edit my Austrian Airlines Flight Ticket? 

In case there is a change in the plan after booking, Austrian Airlines always give you the option to edit the reservation. You can edit the booking via online and offline options; here is the stepwise process provided below for reference.

  • Browse the homepage of Austrian Airlines online using any regular browser 
  • Then locate my booking section and open it. 
  • Choose either option on the screen to retrieve the booking details 
  • To retrieve a single itinerary, go to the enter booking data section and provide details
  • Furnish the booking code, first name, and last name and access the booking details
  • Go to the edit reservation options and make the required changes 
  • You need to save the changes and follow the on-screen instructions 
  • Pay the change fee if applicable and the fare difference 
  • Now follow the self-explanatory instruction to complete the changes 

If you don't find the online process feasible enough, speak to the support team at Austrian Airlines directly to modify the booking on your behalf. Dial the Austrian Airlines Phone Number on your mobile and follow IVR to speak to the agent. Once connected, you can share the request, and the agent will do the modification simultaneously. Once the booking is confirmed soon, you will receive a confirmation email.

What are the Available Classes for Booking at Austrian Airlines?

In case you need to book your flight with Austrian Airlines but have no idea about the classes, do not worry. The airline provides three types of classes, and the details are as below:- 

Economy Class

Austrian Airlines provides one of the cheapest and most economical classes. With economy class, you get a comfortable seat with a good amount of cushioning, providing extra comfort for your long-haul flights. 

  • Besides, you also get an option to reserve the desired seat you want. The opportunity to book your desired seat is open for one year before your departure.   
  • You are also served in-flight snacks and food after take-off. The airline will serve an advanced breakfast if your flight lands in the early morning. 
  • Apart from this, you will get an in-flight entertainment option with more than 400 hours of movies and tv shows.

Premium Economy 

  • The premium economy class of Austrian Airlines is more upgraded and premium than the usual economy class. 
  • You get seats with extra comfort, wider armrests, foot, and head support, and dedicated charging ports. 
  • You also get additional storage space to store your valuable belongings during your flight. 
  • With premium economy class, you also get an extra baggage allowance and a premium amenity kit having sleep masks, toothbrushes, and other essentials. 
  • Unlike economy class, in the premium economy section, you will be served a welcome drink and a dedicated three-course meal.

Business Class

  • It is one of the best classes to fly with Austrian airlines. By booking in Business class, you get free lounge access at the airport and can carry extra baggage with you.
  • You get a chance to board early to save time in busy lines. Besides, you also get a separate section on the flight to cherish your privacy to the fullest.
  • Apart from this, you will also get a curated menu designed especially for business class passengers. You can enjoy your favorite meal, drink, and many more.
  • The Austrian business class cabin's passengers get amenity kits with all the essentials for a relaxing journey
  • You get numerous entertainment options while traveling in Austrian business class that boosts your mood and feel.

Above given are the highlights of all the classes that Austrian Airlines provide. If you wish to get additional knowledge, visit the Austrian Airlines official website or speak to the airline directly.



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