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How To Cancel Austrian Airlines Flight?

Unforeseen circumstances may arise in anybody's life, for example, Illness, poor weather, business meetings, etc., and if you decide to cancel your reservation with Austrian Airlines due to the same circumstances or any of the other reasons and looking forward to knowing about the Austrian Airlines Flight Cancellation policy, and the process of doing so, then you are advised to go through the following points that are mentioned below, have a look at the points:

Learn About How to Cancel Austrian Airlines Flight?

If you have gone through the Austrian airlines' cancellation policy, and now you must be looking forward to knowing about the Austrian Airlines Cancellation Process, which is mentioned below, and you are highly recommended to go through the different steps:

Cancel your Austrian Airlines Flight via the Website

If any mishap has arrived, for example, poor weather, unmatchable timings to your schedule, you will not be able to board the plane, or reasons can be multiple, so t provide effective services to passengers, Austria Airlines offers a flexible way to change your flight, and the steps are below:

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines to begin the process.
  • Secondly, you are advised to choose your native language, and this option you will find on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter your PNR number and name in order to sign in and see your flight details there.
  • Once you are signed in, you are advised to go to "Flight Cancellation."
  • Then you can easily cancel your flight there, and you may be asked by the airlines to make a payment if you cancel your reservation after 24 hours of your booking.
  • And you will receive a notification in your email or on your mobile number after canceling your flight successfully. (and, if you want to request a refund, then fill out the refund mentioned during the process itself.)

In case you find difficulty in canceling your flight with the above-mentioned step, then you should use the methods which are mentioned below:

Cancel Austrian Airlines Flight Via Phone Call

The easiest method to cancel your flight is via making a call to the customer executive of Austria Airlines, and for that, you are advised to call on a number +43 1 70148 1000. And here, only your work is not done; you will listen to different IVR options that have to be chosen on the basis of your required services: have a look:

  • Press 1 and choose your native language.
  • Press 2 to book your flight.
  • Press 3 to change your flight.
  • Press 4 to cancel your flight.
  • Press 5 for other options

Cancel your  Austrian Airlines Flight at the Airport

If in case you have reached the Airport and realize you are not feeling well, and you decide to drop your plan or a trip, so, under this situation you are advised to follow the steps that are written below:

  • Go to the ticket center at Austrian Airport. 
  • Give your PNR number, name, and other details asked by the executive.
  • The rest of the process will be done by the executive, and you may have to pay the charges. 

Austrian Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Before canceling your flight, one is required to understand the  Austrian Airlines Flight Cancellation policy so as to avoid any extra fare charged by Austrian Airlines, and your traveling or canceling experience becomes best. So, consider the following points that will assist you in understanding many things:

  • You won't be charged any fee if you cancel your Austrian Airlines flight within 24 hours of your booking. 
  • If you have refundable tickets, you will be provided with a refund from the airlines
  • If you have non-refundable tickets, you will not be provided a refund even if you cancel a reservation within a tie frame as prescribed by the airlines.
  • As far as the policy is concerned, your ticket must have been booked seven days prior to your departure date.
  • Mistakenly you have booked your ticket twice, and you have also made the payment twice in order to complete your bookings with Austrian Airlines, so the airlines will refund you.
  • There is no discount on the cancellation of reservations for pets and infants. 
  • The 24 hours policy of Austrian Airlines would be applied based on the nature of the ticket fare. 
  • To make a request for a refund from the airlines, then you must book a ticket directly from the airlines but not by any other third-party agent.



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