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How to Cancel Avianca Airlines Flight?

Suppose you have to cancel your flight ticket with Avianca airlines due to an emergency situation, or the weather is not supporting well, and you might miss your flight, or you get stuck in traffic and will not board a flight on time. So in such matters, the most suitable answer would be the Avianca Airlines cancellation Process because after this, only you will be get satisfied with a flight cancellation, and you can also easily as for canceled flight refunds. Simply follow the several ways discussed below and choose one according to your preference to cancel the ticket.

How to Cancel Avianca Airlines Flight via Website?

  1.  First, log in to Avianca airline's official website.
  2. Next, tap on to manage my booking tab.
  3. Enter your ticket reference number and last name to find a trip 
  4. Click on the find button. 
  5. Now, select your trip and hit the cancel option for the Avianca airlines ticket, and fill out the form;
    • Where you have to mention the cancellation reason, booking number, passenger's full name, and other necessary details 
    • Ahead, verify details and click on submit button. 
    • Note, you can also select refund form but make sure you read all refund request clauses mentioned within Avianca's cancellation policy.
    • At last, once you submit the cancellation and refund form you will get deducted refunds from your account accordingly, and the airline will send confirmation mail on the registered id.

 To Cancel your Avianca Airlines Ticket by Customer Service Number:

  • To get connected with an Avianca airline representative, use this number (1-800-284-2622)
  • Once you dial the number, accept the language of your choice. 
  • Now, share the confirmation number and family name with the agent so as to retrieve the booking.
  • Next, the agent will ask for cancellation form details like booking number, passenger's full name, and appropriate reason for cancellation.
  • Then, the customer care agent fills details you share with them according to the cancellation policy.
  • You might have to pay cancellation fees if any, and all charges get deducted from your total fare rate of booking.
  • Once the cancellation form is successfully completed, you might be asked for refunds; accordingly, provide details, and the airline will send a confirmation email to your registered id.

Cancel Avianca Airlines Ticket at the Airport and Sales Center:

  • For this, you should reach your nearest official ticket counter and connect with the agent 
  • Now, fill Avianca airline flight cancellation form with details like booking number, full passenger name, cancellation reason, and the booking date, and fill in other fields
  • Submit the form to the agent, and they will look for the eligibility criteria. You have to choose the payment type 
  • Ahead of this agent will calculate charges and deduct them from the total airfare
  • Last, once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email, and for reimbursement or refund, it will take 20 business days.

What is the Avianca Cancellation Policy?

Avianca airlines allow the passenger to read Avianca's cancellation policy to be more passenger-friendly, but note that you must have a valid ticket to cancel the flight. 

  • Passengers are authorized for free cancellation on tickets that are purchased directly from the official website, customer service, or via any other certified channel 
  • Note travelers are not allowed to make cancellation requests for their reservations with third-party tickets according to the cancellation policy
  • If you cancel your ticket while the departure time is over, then you are going to get any sort of refund from the airline
  • The airline will not consider refund requests if the booking or cancellation is requested outside the allotted period of time.

Avianca 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Suppose you want to cancel your ticket free of cost. In that case, you must read Avianca 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, instructions which are mentioned below that are pretty well explained here for your reference.

  • Passengers who wish to cancel their scheduled flight ticket on the very same day as of reservation and your departure date is seven days away from the cancellation are eligible to get refunds
  • The Avianca airline 24-hour cancellation policy does not apply to the ticket;
  • Which have been booked through the third-party agent
  • Or that are booked within six days before departure.
  • Last, if the passenger had to cancel their allotted ticket outside the allotted period, they have to pay a particular portion of the ticket cost as cancellation fees.

Avianca Cancellation Fees

If you want to cancel your ticket for free within the risk-free period, it suits the 24-hour cancellation policy. But, once the time frame gets over, then for canceling, you have to pay Avianca cancellation Fees and to get a proper idea of the fee structure, you should read the following section.

  • According to Avianca airline cancellation policy, the passenger would not pay charges if they cancel it within 24 hours of booking 
  • But if in case passenger cancels the ticket outside of the free cancellation period, the airline will incur a cancellation fee of up to $600 on international flights 
  • The tickets which passengers buy from the third-party agency cannot be canceled via the official website; for that, you have to contact a third-party agency agent, and the airline will charge you with full ticket fare as cancellation fees
  • As per Avianca airline cancellation policy, if in case your risk-free period exhausts, the airline will charge an equal amount of up to 80% of the entire ticket as a cancellation fee.

Avianca Cancelled Flight Compensation Regulation

Suppose you want to know some necessary information regarding Avianca Airlines Online cancellation, regulation, or compensation. In that case, you must read the following points, which are written here for help.

  • Passengers would get compensation only if the booking was made from the official website portal etc
  • Avianca airline will provide complete compensation to the passenger if the airline fails to provide you with flight services as per schedule.

Avianca Airlines Refund Policy

At Avianca airlines, refund policies are created in such a way that passengers can smoothly run Avianca Refund Policy, and to learn more about the refund policy, and you must take a quick overview from the information given here.

  • If a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours from ticket purchase, then you be getting full refunds 
  • Besides this, if the cancellation is made after 24 hours, then after a certain amount of cancellation deduction rest unused portion will get refunded back to your account stress-free
  • Moreover, Avianca airline refund policy states that travelers will not get refunds if the cancellation request was made after the scheduled flight's departure.

Avianca Airlines FAQs:

How can I Check the Refund Request progress on Avianca Airlines?

If you want to check your Avianca Airlines Flight Cancellation or refund request progress, then, in that case, the legal option would be to choose website portals or you can interact directly with a customer service representative to check for your refund request. 

How long does it take for Avianca airlines to provide refunds?

If you have applied for the Avianca airline refunds, then the reimbursement should take place within three to four business weeks as per the refund policy. Moreover, the refund completely depends on the mode of payment and how you canceled your flight ticket.

What is the best way to contact the Avianca customer service team?

The fastest and easiest way to connect with the Avianca airline customer service team would be through the channels they offer to all their travelers. Such modes are available at the official website of Avianca airlines and once you step on-site page, you will get to choose the options as per your convenience, and you will receive immediate assistance with your problems at certain times hassle-free.

How to cancel an Avianca flight ticket online?

In case you wish to cancel your air ticket at Avianca airlines, then the best way would be online only, as this is the fastest mode because the flight can be canceled in specific ways. But, if you choose the online way, you must enter your booking reference number along with your last name and search flight and provide the reason for flight cancellation.

How to cancel the Avianca flight ticket over a call?

Assume that you cannot cancel a ticket via portal ticket, then you can dial the reservation or customer service number to cancel your ticket with the help of a customer service expert call service.


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