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How to Cancel United Airlines Flight?

Cancel the United Airlines flight by two methods via call and by the online method that you will see there. For this, you must follow the United Airlines Cancellations in the following article that is mentioned below:

United Airlines Cancellation by Online Method:

  • Launch the United Airlines homepage
  • Tap on the Manage my trip bar
  • Fill the column with your booking ID and your last name
  • Search for the flight and select the flight from that you have a booking
  • Edit your flight settings to cancel your United Airlines flight
  • Request for a refund and pay the amount for a cancellation
  • And, you will get a notification regarding cancellation with United Airlines.

Cancel the United Airlines Flight by a Phone Call

So, for canceling a flight by United Airlines, you must move yourself to the contact page of United Airlines

  • Contact United Airlines by phone number 1-800-864-8331
  • And call the person of the Airlines
  • The call will be redirected to the IVR customer service,
    • Press 1 for booking with the United Airlines
    • For upgrading the United flight, press 2
    • Press 3 for a name change
    • For canceling the United tickets, press 5
    • Press 7 for taking a payback from the airlines
    • Thus, clicking on button 5 cancels the flight with United Airlines. And you will receive a notification for this hand-to-hand on your phone.

How to Cancel a United Airlines Flight Free of Cost?

Cancel the United Airlines flight free of cost on some conditions that are mentioned below:

  • Free cancellation will occur when the flight cancels within 24 hours of booking with United Airlines.
  • In an emergency, as death occurs, summon get from the court, or an accident happens.
  • When your flight cancels due to not approving your United VISA, the airline doesn’t take the penalty for you and provides your full refund.
  • Sometimes the airline is delayed for more than two hours, and the airline allows you for cancellation free of cost.
  • Weather conditions or government rules will make your free cancellation with United Airlines.

Which tickets can be Canceled and when?

Moreover, United Airlines can’t provide a refund for all tickets. They are basically non-refundable according to the United Airlines cancellation policy. So, here you will find it.

Cancels the United tickets within 24 hours of Booking

  • Don’t require to pay any cancellation fee for the United Airlines flight cancellation when you cancel it within 24 hours of booking.
  • In addition, you will get your refund in the original mode of payment when you cancel your refundable ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  • Booking with United E-tickets is not eligible to cancel the flight.

Cancel the United flight tickets after booking more than 24 hours

Here you will get the information regarding canceling flight tickets with United Airlines after 24 hours of reserving the seats with that.

For Basic Economy: A passenger can’t cancel their flight after 24 hours of reservation seats with United Airlines

For Refundable United Tickets: If you are canceling the United Airlines refundable flight ticket, a passenger can easily get their refund in the form of the original payment mode. Then, cancel their tickets.

For Non-refundable United Tickets: Moreover, if you cancel the non-refundable tickets, you won’t get your payback. And, if there has any possibility of getting a refund from United Airlines, you will get your money in travel credit form.

Reward United Airlines Flight Tickets: If you cancel your ticket that can be bought by using United miles, you can use it further or on future United Airlines trips.

Which is better? Is it Either to Cancel a Flight or Change it?

Moreover,  if you want to book flights again after cancellation, you have to change your flight is a good option for you. So, you can change your flight without paying any fee.

Can I Cancel a United flight Booked with Miles?

Yes, cancel a flight by using Your United Airlines miles will be redeposited in your account in the form of travel credits. United Airlines will notify you by email if your flight is canceled. You can cancel a flight online as well.

If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours before departure, the airline will charge a $200 cancellation fee. For international flights, the fee is $400. However, you can use the unused portion of the ticket for a future trip. You must begin the new trip within one year of the original date of purchase.

You can also check for flight credits that you might have. If you have a United Airlines flight credit, you can use it for another flight. In order to use the credit, you should visit the airline's website or call the United Airlines cancellation phone number.

United Airlines Refund for your Canceled Trip

Yes, United Airlines can provide a refund for your canceled tickets. For this, you must follow the steps to get a refund back:

  • Open the United Airlines page.
  • Enter your booking number and your name and select the flight for canceling the flight
  • Tap on the United refund form
  • Fill out the refund request form and send it to the airlines
  • You will get your refund status on your phone

Hence, you will get your refund back from United Airlines in up to 10 business days to 14 business days. Thus, you will get back your refund in the form of the original payment mode and travel credit according to your cancellation day.


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