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How to Change Flight at Avianca Airlines?

After making the flight bookings, if you get any issues or due to some external factors, your plan is postponed, you will get the option to reschedule your Flight. Every airline gives you the facility of flight rescheduling, and Avianca airlines are one of them. By booking with Avianca airlines, you can avail of several facilities like special assistance for disabled travelers, miles while traveling, refund on flight cancelation, etc. If you cannot travel, you can change your Flight or further plans. To know further about Avianca airlines' Change Flight, you have to read below.

 What is Avianca Ticket Change Policy? 

There are multiple policies given by Avianca airlines for flight rescheduling, and you need to follow all these policies if you want to change your Flight. The below-mentioned statements are the Avianca airlines flight change policies. 

  • If you modify the Flight within 24 hours of reservation, you do not need to pay any cost as you can do it without paying any charges. 
  • After the 24 hours free rescheduling period, you need to pay the cost to change the Flight, and these charges will vary as per the time left in the flight departure date and date of making changes. 
  • According to the Avianca Ticket Change Policy, you must change the Flight in the same mode you make the bookings; if you book through a representative, you need to connect with them to change the Flight. 
  • Rescheduling the ticket done by you due to any medical issue then you do not need to pay the cost, but you have to show the genuine medical certificates to the representatives. 
  • If your Flight is delayed due to any fault of Avianca airlines, like less staff, technical issues, etc., you can reschedule the Flight without paying charges. But if the delay arises due to any natural or unavoidable issue and then you reschedule the Flight, you need to pay the cost. 
  • Suppose you apply for insurance and receive the ticket. In that case, you can reschedule the Flight without paying charges by purchasing Avianca airlines insurance with the ticket; you can modify ticket for three-time without paying charges. 
  • If you use miles or any offers while buying the tickets, you cannot change your Flight. 

Avianca Airlines 24 Hours Change Policy 

  • As per the 24 hours change flight policy, if you reschedule the bookings within 24 hours of reservation, there are no charges available, but only if the time left on the flight departure date is more than seven days. 
  • The 24 hours change Flight will also depend upon the booking type; if you book the refundable ticket, you can change your Flight, but if you have a non-refundable ticket, you cannot modify your travel date. 
  • According to the Avianca Airlines 24 Hours Change Policy, if the amount of the previous Flight is lesser and the newly selected Flight is higher, you need to pay the difference between these flights. 

What are the Fees for Avianca Airlines Change Flight?

The Avianca airlines Change Flight Fees you need to pay to change the Flight will vary as per the seat type, and all information about the fee is below is mentioned. 

  • You need to pay between 450USD and 520USD your book the Flight in economy class for the flight change. 
  • The flight rescheduling fee for the bookings of promo class is paid between 550USD and 700USD, and the fare difference is applicable. 

Different Methods for Avianca Airlines Change Flight

There are multiple modes available through which you can change your Avianca airlines. Flight; to know detailed information about the ways, you need to read below. 

Change the Flight by Connecting with an Avianca Representative

If you are changing the Flight for the first time, then it is better to connect with the representative and get their help to change it. You need to dial this number, 1 (800) 284-2622, choose the language you are comfortable connecting with, and follow the IVR below.

  • Choose 1 for new bookings or if you want to cancel the bookings 
  • Choose 2 for the queries about lost luggage or luggage policies 
  • Choose 3 if you want to apply for some special assistance or information about pet policies 
  • Choose 4 to change the Flight or class of seat in your booking 
  • Choose 5 to connect with the representative 

After listening to the IVR carefully, you need to choose the option as per the query and then connect with the representative. 

Change the Avianca Airlines Flight by Online Mode

While connecting on call, if you get any long call hold issue, network glitch, etc., due to which you want to change your Flight to another mode, then you can go with the online mode for the flight change. For this, you need to follow the below points. 

  • Search the website of Avianca airlines in your search browser 
  • Then click on to manage bookings option. 
  • Next, fill out the last name and the booking reference number in the given space. 
  • On the next screen, your bookings will appear; you need to choose the booking you want to change the Flight.
  • Now click on to change flight tab and select the new date to travel from the calendar, and save the changes. 
  • After this, a payment section will come on the screen; if you see any charges, pay them using your card or other online modes. 
  • Last you will get the email of successfully changing the Flight on your given email id. 

Change the Avianca Flight via the Airport Counter

If you purchase the tickets from the airport ticket counter, you must visit there for the flight change. You have to go to the counter of Avianca airlines and give your flight rescheduling information to the executive, and they will change your Flight. They will cancel your previous flight ticket and give you a new flight ticket with the new date. 

 Avianca Airlines Flight Change Rules  

Avianca airlines have some flight change rules which you need to follow before changing the Flight, and if you want to know about those rules, then you need to follow the below points. 

  • If you are not following any rules of Avianca airlines or breaching any policy, you will not be able to change your Flight. 
  • If you modify the details repeatedly, you need to pay the flight rescheduling cost, which the airlines demand. 
  • Avianca airlines are not responsible for those tickets purchased by you from any third party or travel agent. 
  • You must send the flight change request before 4 hours of flight departure, and if you checked in, you would not be able to change your Flight. 
  • You can only change your Flight if any seats are available on the newly selected Flight; if there is no seat available, then you can not change your Flight. 

By reading the above, you will learn about the Avianca Flight Change process, policies, fees, etc. If you have any other queries or want to know more about Avianca flight rescheduling, you can contact the official representative of Avianca airlines. 


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