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How to Change my Air Canada Flight

When you have completed the reservation from Air Canada, but due to any unexpected change in your plan, you have to change the flight, this tile can be helpful to you because here you can find out the reference through which you can easily make such changes. And for Air Canada Change Flight, you can contact customer service through a call or use the online method to complete the process on your own.

  • You must visit the Air Canada authenticated site or open the Air Canada application on your phone using the internet browser.
  • When the web page ocean, you must select my booking option.
  • Under my booking, you must enter the ticket or booking reference number with the passenger's last name. Then hit the find option.
  • Later on, you will get your flight details; at the top of that, you have the change option, tap on that.
  • After that, you have the various change options such as flight, date, and time, tap on the flight change option.
  • As soon as you have changed the flight, the list of flights will appear, and from there, choose the flight you desire to get on. Then tap on the next icon.
  • Further, you will move to the payment sheet, and if there is any change fee, you have to pay; after paying the change cost, tap on the confirm option.
  • Now, you have to follow the procedure to complete the process.
  • And when the procedure is complete, you will receive a message in your mail or phone number.

How can I Change my Air Canada Flight Date for Free?

Generally, when you see that if you are going to change the date, then you have to pay the charges, then you can take the benefit of this feature, but there are also some situations through which you can make the change for free. And the option to avail of the Air Canada Change Flight for Free is as follows. 

Change with Grace Time:

When you purchase the Air Canada ticket, you have the 24-hour window through which you can conduct the change for free. And after this period, if you are making any change, you must pay the change cost. And this window is available when you have made the booking seven days before the flight departure.

Change by using Miles:

If you are a regular customer of Air Canada, then you would be receiving the miles from the Airline, and by using them at the time of date change process, you don't have to pay any charge. But to make a change through the miles, first, you have to check the mile, and when you have sufficient miles in your account then at the payment page, choose the option use miles option. 

Change Permitted by Ticket:

Air Canada offers different tickets, and every ticket has a different rule. So if you have purchased the ticket which allows you to conduct the change, you will not be charged any extra cost. And to use this option, you have to check the rule on your ticket, and if you're unable to get the rule, then establish contact with the customer service and ask them if they will help you through the process.

Change by Airline Defect:

suppose your date change is the consequence of any airline defect. In that case, you are eligible to change the date for free, but before taking such a step, try reaching out to the customer support of Air Canada to find out whether you can make a change for free and if you do. You will not be liable to pay any change cost to Air Canada.

What is the Air Canada Change Policy?

By reading the flight change policy of Air Canada, you will be able to find out about the terms and conditions required to make changes. So the policy included the following ways.

  • You have a 24-hour window to make a change in your flight if you have made the reservation seven days before the flight departure.
  • When the changes have been made after this window, then by paying the change cost, you can make the change.
  • If you have to change when you have made the reservation through the travel agent, then you have communicated with them because the Airline is not liable for that.

So, when you read this article then, you have sufficient knowledge about the flight change process, Air Canada Change Flight Date free, and the flight change policy of Air Canada. But at any the point, if you feel like getting doubt or questions, then get to the customer service team for the resolution.


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