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How to Change my Flight Date at Lufthansa?†

Lufthansa allows you to change the flight date of your booking in case of a change in plan. If you want to proceed with Lufthansa Change Flight, here are various methods you can try:

Lufthansa Change Flight Date by Online Method

  • Go to the Lufthansa Airlines website first 
  • You need to look for the 'My Bookings' section 
  • Please enter your booking code and last name, click on find my bookings 
  • Select the ticket you want to change the date for, click on the Edit reservation button 
  • Now select the new dates for your booking, confirm, and save the changes 
  • You can pay for the new booking in case a change fee applies and fare difference exist
  • Follow the prompt, and your flight date will be changed successfully 

Lufthansa Change Flight Date over the Phone

In addition to the online process, you can contact the Lufthansa reservation department and request the representative change your flight date. You can call Lufthansa's phone number, 1-800-645-3880, and request the agent to change the date on your behalf. Provide your booking details and confirm the new date. The agent will do the needful and change your date simultaneously.

Lufthansa Change Flight at Airport 

You can also opt for the traditional way to change your flight date with Lufthansa. Go to the airport and meet in person at the Lufthansa ticket counter. Request the agent that you wish to change your flight date, and they will make the changes for you. 

You can use the above process to change the flight date of the ticket you booked directly from Lufthansa Airlines. If you book the ticket from a Third party, contact the travel agent directly to make any changes. 

How much does it Cost to Change a Flight Date at Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa Airlines allows free changes if you change your booking within 24 hours, and departure is seven days away. However, the change fee applies later depending on your reroute, fare conditions, destination, time, etc. Generally, the change fee varies from $ 60 to $ 400 and can be higher and lower based on various factors. Moreover, you can call Lufthansa's Phone Number and speak to the agent directly to know about the exact change fee in your case. 

Can I Change my Flight Date on Booking? 

Yes! Lufthansa Airlines allows you to change the flight date on booking by paying some charges. However, you can also do it for free if you complete the change flight date formalities within 24 hours and the departure date is after seven days or more. Unless you book the ticket directly from a website, contact center, or airport, you can change your flight date by visiting the official website and then the My Booking section. Besides, if you don't find the online process feasible, contact Lufthansa customer service to help you.

How do I contact Lufthansa to Change my Flight Date?

You can contact Lufthansa in many ways to change your flight. Besides, here is the phone call process you can follow for instant support: 

  • Dial the Lufthansa customer service number 1-800-645-3880
  • You can choose a language and follow the IVR commands running 
  • Select one option that matches your problem and continues
  • In 5-10 minutes, the system will connect you to the Lufthansa representative
  • Once available, request the agent you wish to change your flight 
  • Provide booking details, and the representative will check the availability 
  • Confirm your preference, and your flight will be changed by the agent simultaneously

Other Ways to Contact Lufthansa 

Contact Lufthansa by Chat Support:

You can also chat with a Lufthansa representative and get your flight date changed. Go to the Lufthansa customer support page and click on the chat icon. You can type your message 'change flight' and follow the prompt on the screen to connect with the Lufthansa agent. 

Contact Lufthansa via Email:

You can also communicate with Lufthansa via email. However, it is not a convenient way to change your flight date. You can use the email option to share your concern, feedback, etc. You can, however, submit the contact form online to share your flight date changes request. Once your request is shared, the agent will soon contact you back with whom you can get the flight date changed.

What to do if you Book the Wrong Flight Date?

After booking the flight ticket, you can immediately contact the airline and change your dates if you realize the flight date is incorrect. Lufthansa Airlines do not charge any fee if you modify the booking within 24 hours of booking and the departure date is after a week. However, Lufthansa Change Flight Fees apply if you make changes later. You can also change the booking online by visiting the official Lufthansa website and then login into your account. Select the ticket you wish to change, and then you can make the required modification using the change flight option. After the changes are done, you will soon receive a confirmation email. 


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