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How to Check-in to Air Canada?

Air Canada is one of the famous Airlines to travel to the preferred destination as they offer the best services to passengers worldwide. Travelers can anytime reserve a flight seat online and board the flight with various facilities. Once you book the tickets, you need to do the flight check-in and obtain the boarding pass. There are various methods to acquire the boarding pass for the journey and do the check-in with Air Canada. Hence, you can read the below information and grab all the details regarding the flight check-in process with Air Canada.

Different methods for Air Canada Flight Check-in

There are several ways through which you can check the flight and get the boarding pass for the travel. Whichever method you choose, you need to ensure that you have all the travel documents and booking reference numbers with you. 

Web Check-in:

One of the fastest ways to obtain the boarding pass is the web check-in. Hence to do the Air Canada online check-in, you can perform the below steps:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Air Canada official online portal at any search platform on your device.
  • Then, you need to select the check-in now option and proceed to the next screen.
  • From there, you need to add the booking reference number or Airplane number with the passenger's last name and tap on the confirm button.
  • With this, you will see the reservation details with Air Canada from which you can choose the preferred seats.
  • You need to indicate the number of bags you are going to carry on the journey.
  • At last, Air Canada allows you to make the necessary changes like seat upgrade, same-day flight change, add or change the Airplane, upload the health documents, etc.
  • You are required to make the payment for the suitable changes and complete the process.
  • With this, Air Canada will immediately send you the boarding pass at your registered email ID.

Mobile Check-in:

You also have the facility to check in through the mobile app. All you need to do is download the Air Canada mobile app on your device and sign in to the account using the correct username and password. Once you get into your account, you need to choose the flight you want to check-in and tap on the flight check-in button. With this, you can add the seats and bags for the boarding and apply the necessary changes. You can make the payment and get the boarding pass in your mail.

Airport Check-in:

You can do the check-in with the Airport authorities through the check-in counter. There are different check-in counters available at the Airport that you can use to obtain the boarding pass. Hence, you can easily do the Air Canada check-in at Airport with the counter authorities.

Kiosk Check-in:

You can print your boarding pass and baggage tags through the self-kiosk check-in booths. Air Canada places the kiosk check-in booths at every corner of the Airport that you can use. You can get through the airport and do the check-in process stress-free.

How far in Advance can you Check in with Air Canada?

The online check-in portal of Air Canada opens 24 hours before departure. You can check the domestic flight 45 minutes before the flight departure and 60 minutes before the international journey. You can do the Air Canada check-in at the airport 12 hours before the flight departure and print the boarding pass with baggage tags to show at the Airport for boarding. If you are unable to do the check-in, you can connect with the customer service team and speak with the representative to ask for the boarding pass.


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