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How to Check in with Allegiant Air?

The passengers who had booked their flight at Allegiant Air can check in through a number of ways provided by the airlines for their flights. Passengers can go through any of the processes to check in with Allegiant Airlines, depending on their suitability. The available options are:

  • Passengers can directly check in from the Allegiant Air website.
  • Check-in through the mobile app of Allegiant Air.
  • Airport check-in through the Check-in desk.

What is the Allegiant Air Check-in Time for Flights? 

Allegiant Airlines recommends passengers reach the airport 2-3 hours before the flight's departure time to get on with a smooth check-in process. Waiting for your boarding pass at the airport is much better than getting late and rushing to the security points. Allegiant Air check-in Time is: 

  • For the online check-in through the Allegiant Air website, the timing is 24 hours to 45 minutes from the flight's scheduled departure time. Passengers can obtain their boarding passes online anytime during this time frame.
  • For the check-in through the Allegiant Air app, the timing is the same as web check-in, 24 hours to 45 minutes before the flight's departure time.
  • The check-in at the airport starts 2 hours before the flight's departure and closes 45 minutes before the flight's boarding. Flyers are suggested to reach there between this time.

Online Check-In Process at Allegiant Air

For passengers who want to steer clear of the long rows at airport check-in points, web check-in will do the work and save them from waiting. By online check-in, passengers can download their boarding passes and print them to show at the airport. Follow the Allegiant Air Online check-in process:

  • First of all, log in to the Allegiant Air official website,
  • Click on the Check-In option from the top of the Homepage
  • Select an option by which you wish to access your Itinerary
  • Enter the required details and press the Continue button
  • Now under your Itinerary, choose the "Seat Selection" option if you want: Otherwise, click on the continue button
  • Download your E-Boarding pass after the check-in process on Allegiant Air.

Mobile App Check-In Process at Allegiant Air

If you have the Allegiant Air mobile app and want to download the boarding pass on your phone, then the Allegiant Air Mobile Check-In process will help you. The following is the process of check-in through the mobile app: 

  • Open the Allegiant Air mobile app
  • Log in with your Allegiant account if you have not logged in already
  • Open the Menu Bar, Choose the Check-In option from the menu
  • Enter the details of your Allegiant flight ticket
  • Get your itinerary information on your phone
  • Choose your preferred seat if you want with a fee
  • Add extra baggage if required, Tap on the check-in option to complete your check-in process at Allegiant Air
  • Now download your boarding pass after successful check-in for your flight.

Ticket Counter Check-In Process at Allegiant Airlines

First, you must reach the airport 2 hours before your flight's boarding time. Go to the check-in desk and wait in the queue for your turn. Bring your identity proof, passport, and flight booking details to physically check in at the airport. Allegiant Air representatives will check your flight ticket, verify your identity, and provide you with the boarding pass. You can also select a seat of your preference at the Check-In counter. 

Kiosk Check-In Process of Allegiant Air

Passengers can avail of the self-service process at the airport with Kiosk. You can get your Allegiant air boarding pass through the Kiosk. Follow the steps mentioned below to check in for your flight through the Kiosk: 

  • Arrive at Allegiant Air Airport
  • Go to the Kiosk Counter at the airport
  • Start with the check-in process by entering your booking confirmation number on the Kiosk
  • Instructions will appear on the Kiosk's screen
  • Follow them accordingly and print your boarding pass after check-in.

Important Points To Remember at the Time of Check-In at Allegiant Airlines

  • Passenger baggage must be checked in 1 hour prior to the flight's departure at the airport. The baggage check-in started 2 hours before your flight's departure time.
  • Boarding Pass on the phone can be shown at the check-in counter; the printout is not necessary.
  • Printing charges for a boarding pass cost 5 USD at Allegiant Airport.
  • Unaccompanied minors cannot be checked in through an online process.
  • Unaccompanied minors between 15 and 17 must carry a photo ID card to verify check-in at the airport.
  • The Check-In counter of Allegiant Air closes 45 minutes before the flight's departure.
  • Passengers should arrive at the boarding gate 1 hour prior to their flight's departure.
  • Seat Selection can be attained at the time of Check-In if you have forgotten during your flight booking.
  • Government-issued ID must be shown at the airport at the Check-In desk
  • Passenger bags can also be checked in through the online check-in process. Make sure to drop your bag at the check-in point under the check-in time frame.
  • Before issuing the boarding pass, seats can be changed on the Allegiant Air flight.

Hence, remember the important points mentioned above during your Allegiant Air check-in. Follow your preferred check-in method step by step and get your boarding pass at least a few hours before your flight's departure. Allegiant Air customer service is available to help you if you face any issues during the process. 



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