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How to Contact Flydubai by Phone Number?†

With its hubs at Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, and Doha International Airport, Flydubai is a government-owned Emirati low-cost airline. For a planned trip with this airline, if you are facing any issues, you can find the Flydubai Phone Number in UAE and dial it, after which you can communicate with them. To find the contact number go through the given steps: 

  • Head to Flydubai's official website first,   
  • Scroll down the page and tap on the Help option. 
  • Then, go to the call option. You will get the number (+971) 600 54 44 45. 
  • After giving a call, go through the given IVR instructions.

IVR Instructions on Flydubai Phone Number

Dial Flydubai Phone Number,(+971) 600 54 44 45 or 1-805-817-0926(OTA), and choose a preferred language. 

  • Press 3 to raise a query or make a complaint. 
  • Press 5 for claim and compensation. 
  • Press 7 to make changes o your booking. 
  • Press 9 for other issues and queries. 
  • Press 0 to connect with the Fludubai executive. 

How to Contact Flydubai Customer Service through their Official Website? 

Also, to contact the airlines, you can fill out the contact form available on the official website of Flydubai Airlines. To fill the same, you can go through the information as follows, which describes the procedure in steps so that you can contact the airlines through the contact forms: 

  • On the official website, scroll to the help option and tap on it 
  • Then, you will get a contact form on the contact page that is after the phone number section. 
  • Fill in the details required, such as personal details, flight information, query details, etc. You can also attach the required documents. 
  • Submit the form. The airline shall get back to you soon with a possible outcome for your query.  

How do I contact Flydubai Airlines via Email? 

Apart from communicating through the call, you can also raise your query with Flydubai Customer Service; you can also email them at their official email address, The airline shall soon get back to you with the most appropriate solution for the raised solution. Though email is a slow mode o contact, you can still make the most out of it as it is an effective and old-fashioned mode so that you can contact them and find the solution to your query.                                                                                                            

How to Connect with Flydubai through Social Media Pages? 

Social Media is one of the most prevalent and effective means of communication almost everyone uses. And so is the same with Flydubai as well. You can go to connect through social media handles by landing on their platforms if you want to know how to Contact Flydubai  from the links given below: 

Important FAQs Related to Flydubai: 

  • What time does check-in open at the airport?

The check-in time at the airport opens three hours before departure and closes sixty minutes before departure so that the baggage can be carried to the aircraft and boarding can be done easily. 

  • What terminals do Flydubai flights operate from out of Dubai?

Flydubai uses Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport and flies out into Terminal 2 of Al Moukhtum International Airport. At the same time, the details of the airport and terminal are mentioned in the boarding pass. You can refer to the same for the required details. 

  • What happens if I miss my flight?

If the booking you have made is in economy class, then a "no show" will be applicable, and according to the fare rules of the same, you will not be able to get any refund for this. But for a flex or business class ticket, if you miss the flight, you will be provided with a facility to book the next flight within 720 hours.  

  • What happens if I'm denied travel?

You can travel with the next available flight to the destination; if you are denied travel on the airline. You will also receive refreshments and vouchers for your denied Flydubai ticket. 

  • Can I fly during pregnancy?

Yes, you can fly with Flydubai during your pregnancy. But it has some terms and conditions which apply to the same travel. You are allowed to fly up to 28 weeks of your pregnancy. You must carry the required medical documents to board the flight easily and provide the required comfort onboard. 

  • What is the age at which a newborn child can be carried with flydubai?

Flying with a newborn baby is generally risky. Yet, if you wish to travel, the baby must have at least seven days to board the flight. The aviation academy decides the age regulation. For any query, you can contact the customer service of Flydubai and get the required information regarding the query. 

  • Does Flydubai allow unaccompanied children on board?

Children below the age of 12 are not allowed to fly with Flydubai Airlines. The child must be accompanied by a person at least 16 years of age to be able to travel. The age must be applicable as 12 on the date when the flight commences to fly. 

  • What is the minimum age of an adult passenger to accompany a child or an infant?

The minimum age for an adult passenger is 16 years. The flyer must be of age or above to fly with any airline. Less than that must be accompanied by an adult and treated as a child. 


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