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How do I make a Complaint to Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines has one of the best customer staff that works continuously to resolve the customers' issues. There are so many options available to raise your issues with the customer service of Delta Airlines. If you want to register a complaint to Delta Airlines, then you must use call services, live chat, email, social media platforms, etc. All of these sources of communication are equally effective, and therefore, you must use them judiciously to take your complaint to them. If there is an urgency, you must use call services and live chat. Other channels of communication are time-consuming.

File Complaint via Delta Helpline Number

You can register a complaint with the customer service of Delta Airlines on the call. They provide a very good service on the phone. It is the quickest way to redress your concerns. You can follow the given steps to call the customer service of Delta Airlines:

  • You have to use the IVR services to contact the customer executive of Delta Airlines.
  • Dial 1-800 221 1212 and follow the instructions given in the IVR.
  • Press 1 to "Book a Ticket."
  • Press 2 to "Add Baggage."
  • Press 3 to "Cancel and Refund."
  • Press 4 to "Know Flight Status."
  • Press # to speak to the representative of Delta Airlines.

Most passengers prefer to reach the customer service on call. This resolves their queries within no time. The advantage of reaching customer service on the phone is that you can directly talk to the executive and narrate your issues. You can file a complaint to Delta Airlines in many ways. The only disadvantage of reaching customer service is that it puts you on hold for a very long period, which is frustrating at times.

Register Complaint at Delta Airlines via Email 

Email is considered the most professional way of registering a complaint. If you have ample time, you must use email services. But if there is an urgency, then you must use options like call and chat. You can register your complaint at Delta normally responds to the queries raised through email. You can follow the steps to email your queries or complaints to Delta Airlines.

  • You have to open the website of Delta Airlines
  • Then, you have to select "Contact Us."
  • Now you will see the email address of Delta Airlines.
  • You have to write down your queries and submit them.

 Complain to Delta Airlines by Submitting Your Grievances Online  

You can easily submit your grievance online with Delta Airlines. They do allow you to register your complaint through their complaint form. The process of registering a complaint is very easy. You can register a Complaint via Email to Delta Airlines, but it is not as effective as you register through the complaint form. You get the response within three to four days, while the response from email may take one to two weeks. The customer service of Delta Airlines has professional members who address your concerns within minutes after raising them. You can follow the given steps to submit your grievance online:

  • You have to open the website of Delta Airlines
  • Now, you have to select "Contact Us."
  • Here you will see the complaint form.
  • You have to select the complaint form and write down your queries,
  • Now you have to submit them.
  • You will get a response to your queries within three to four days.

File Complain via Social Media Platform

One of the finest ways to register your complaint with Delta Airlines is by tagging them with your queries on their social media platforms. Delta Airlines has a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in this field. They specialize in taking the issues raised through social media platforms. Social media platforms effectively take your issue to the top level. You can follow Delta Airlines on the given links:

Register Complain via Letter 

You can write a letter to the complaint department. It is the most traditional way of registering your complaint. Delta provides many ways to contact their customer service. You can register a Complaint via the Direct Helpline Number, but it is convenient to reach them through letters and emails if you have time.

You can send your letter to the following address:

 Delta Air Lines Inc.,

PO. Box 20706, Atlanta, GA 30320. Delta Airlines,

Customer Care, Department 980,

Atlanta, Georgia (GA) 30320-2980.