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How to Get a Refund from TAP Air Portugal?

TAP Air Portugal provides a refund to its passengers if they cannot make their trip for some reason or the flight is canceled. Besides, it also depends on your fare conditions and other factors. Here, given the detailed TAP Air Portugal Refund process for your reference, you can check this out to stay updated.

Different Ways to Claim a Refund from TAP Air Portugal

Get TAP Portugal Refund by Online Method: 

  • Get on the official site of TAP Air Portugal using any of your regular browsers.
  • Then find out Manage Booking link available under the booking and managing 
  • Then hit the manage booking and then cancel/change the link 
  • On the new screen, the select reason for your cancellation and why you want a refund
  • Then, choose the mode of payment against the cancellation 
  • To get a refund, you need to click on the tab 'refund to the original mode.'
  • Click on continue, and you can request the refund on the new page
  • Provide the ticket number and last name, mark the section 'i am not a robot, and click continue 
  • Follow the instruction on the screen, and if applicable, you will get a refund soon

Get a Refund by Calling TAP Air Portugal Representative 

If you don't find the online process feasible, you can call the TAP Air Portugal team directly to get your refund.

  • Dial the TAP Air Portugal refund phone number 
  • You can choose the service language and follow IVR directions 
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to connect with the TAP Air Portugal agent 
  • Once connected, you can ask the agent to cancel the booking and process refund
  • The TAP Air agent will ask for your booking details and the reason for the cancellation 
  • You can provide all the relevant information and documents to process your refund
  • The agent will verify everything, and if applicable, they will initiate the refund into your original payment mode soon

Get TAP Portugal Refund via Third Party 

You can apply for a refund via the official site and by calling the representative only if the ticket is booked directly from the TAP Air Portugal website, customer care, or ticket counter. But in the case of third-party booking, you need to speak to your travel agent directly to process the refund.

You can use any of the processes above to get your TAP Air Portugal to refund anytime. However, as the refund is subject to some terms and conditions, you must go through the TAP Air Portugal refund policy to avoid any inconvenience. 

What is the TAP Air Portugal Refund Policy? 

  • TAP Air Portugal to allow a refund in case your plan changes. You can request a refund on the refund page of TAP Air Portugal online.
  • The airline processes your refund according to the fare rules, which you can check from the official site or by connecting with the TAP Air representative.
  • The refund penalty might be applicable based on fare rules applied at the time of booking, and the penalty is deducted from the ticket value.
  • Refund rules might vary depending on the source form where your ticket is issued. For instance, if the ticker is requested via flyTAP Air, you don't need to pay the refund fee. Whereas if you request a refund via TAP Air Portugal customer care or sales desk, you might need to pay a refund processing fee of around 40 USD/per ticket regardless of the TAP Air product cost.
  • For different countries, the refund amount is converted as per the exchange rate on the day you requested a refund.
  • In case the airline cancels your flight, you might request a full refund of the amount if you pay as a voucher with a 10 % bonus or to the original payment mode without the bonus.

TAP Air Portugal Refund Policy 24 Hours

Irrespective of the ticket you purchased, if you request a refund within 24 hours of booking, you will be entitled to a full refund subject to the processing fee for continental and international flights.

The TAP Air Portugal Refund is processed as a voucher after deducting the processing fee amount. The vouchers you get are non-refundable and have expiry dates of one year.

If you request a refund within 24 hours of booking, but after the original flight's departure, corresponding fare rules apply.

How Long does it take for TAP Air Air Portugal to Refund?

The refund time depends on several factors like cancellation time, payment mode, route, and fare type. Besides, once you cancel the ticket and apply for a refund, it generally takes around 7-20 business days to process. If you pay for a ticket using a credit card/debit card and other online payments, it takes around seven days, and if you pay using cash/cheques, it takes around 20 business days to get a refund.

How to Get a Full Refund from TAP Air Portugal?

To get a full refund from TAP Air Portugal, you must cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, and the departure date should be seven days away. Besides, you are also eligible to get a full refund if TAP Air Portugal cancels your flight and the alternate option doesn't suit you. You can visit the Manage booking section and share the refund request form to get your refund. You can also speak via TAP Air Portugal Customer Service Number and ask them to process your refund.


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