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How to Get an Upgrade on Aer Lingus Flight?

If you want to get an Upgrade, you have to know whether you are eligible; the user Lingus decide it, so you have to follow some procedures given below to make sure you are eligible or not. You can contact Aer Lingus customer service if you want to know more. How Aer Lingus flight upgrades can be done by the Following:

  • Visit the Official Website of Aer Lingus

You have to check your eligibility for an upgrade of a seat after going to the website; you have to click on a book and then upgrade yourself; after you provide your PNR and last name, you will be able to check eligibility.

  • Check your Email

You will receive an upgrade yourself email after you have asked Aer Lingus to make you an upgrade from economy class to a business one. You can confirm or cancel your upgrade. 

  • Upgrading using Avios

First, you have to get your ticket booking from the official website. Then enter details of the aeroclub membership, and you must contact club executives on the Aer Lingus phone number, who will inform you about the availability of flights Aer Lingus.

What does the Business Class offer in Aer Lingus?

Business class offering includes the following:

  • It includes a flat seat with lots of space to spread out and unwind
  • To keep your items close to you, it has custom-made storage so that you can reach out to all the items whenever you can without wasting a lot of energy
  • You can enjoy seasonal cuisines and fine wines 
  • Free wi-fi is available
  • Panasonic multi-touch 16-inch HD screen along with noise-canceling headphones 
  • You can enjoy entertainment worth 120 hours. 
  • It includes excellent long facilities, including complimentary wifi meals and beverages.
  • For people arriving at the airline's revival longe that are located in Dublin and New York, JFK is invited to relax there

Terms and Conditions to Aer Lingus Upgrade Offer

  • You must be 18 years old to request an upgradation.  
  • An upgrade is not available to all. It is all up to Aer Lingus to give an offer.  
  • You have to visit the Aer Lingus bid for upgrade page, and then after filling out forms with your last name and booking reference number, you will know if you have qualified for the upgrade by Aer Lingus. 
  • An email will be sent to you by Aer Lingus to upgrade  
  • Now you have to note that upgrade offers are only on certain flights between Ireland and routes between the united states and Canada.
  • If you have purchased a reward seat or made a ticket booking with aeroclub point, you are not eligible for upgrading.  
  • If your ticket booking includes two or more people, you can submit an upgrade request for all.
  • Upgrade cost will be multiplied by the number of people in your booking.
  • A notification regarding the upgrade will be received no later than 24 hours before departure. 
  • If you want to apply for a refund, you have to go to the official site of air Lingus and then fill out the customer relations form. 
  • If your refund is accepted, then the value of the upgrade will be reimbursed to the payment card.  

Option to Upgrade Aer Lingus offer

This will be applicable when you get an email from an airline after your ticket booking is completed, or you can get the Aer Lingus upgrade offer 14 days before your departure from the Aer Lingus flight; you have to follow the simple steps to accept this offer of an upgrade.

  •  Select the flight that you want to be upgraded 
  • Provide all information related to contact as well as payment 
  • review the provided information and then submit it 
  •  you will get an email for Upgrade Offer,
  • You can change or cancel an offer for an upgrade using an email
  • Aer Lingus will not charge until you choose to take that offer for an upgrade to them
  • Aer Lingus bid to upgrade
  • The steps to be followed by you 
  • Go to the official website of air Lingus and then click on the book 
  • After that, under the plan, you will see upgrade yourself click on that, then 
  • Now give your last name along with a booking reference to check if you have qualified for an upgrade 
  • If you are, then offer a bid that should be greater than the price of your original ticket
  • Until your bid is accepted, you won't be charged from your credit card
  • After your bid is perfect, submit it, and it will be accepted

Aer Lingus upgrade with Avios

If you have booked an economy class flight on a transatlantic route, you can use your Avios to upgrade to Aer Lingus Business Class. The number of Avios that are needed to make an upgrade will be dependent on the route and departure date

How do you spend Aer Lingus Avios for Upgrades?

Email at if you have enough Avios in your AerClub account and want to Aer Lingus Upgrade to Business Class. You will be reissued a new ticket after Aer Lingus confirm your upgrade. the steps that you can follow 

  • You have to make a ticket booking for economy class
  • Please remember to add your aeroclub membership number at the time of your ticket booking with Aer Lingus
  • You can contact airlines at
  • After that, air Lingus will check availability as well as eligibility 

How much to bid for Aer Lingus Upgrade?

After deducting the cost of economy travel, you should aim for 20 % and 40 %. Hence most people will place a minimum bid. You must ensure you put in a higher bid to beat the majority.

Important FAQs related to Aer Lingus

How to get an upgrade to Aer Lingus?

  • You can use an upgrade bid to upgrade the seat
  • Upgrade via email. 
  • Finally, you can also make an upgrade using Avios rewards. 

How to get a free upgrade on Aer Lingus?

If you are a loyal passenger of Aer Lingus, you already have an elite status so you will get an upgradation on air Lingus for free. 

Am I  eligible to make an air Lingus offer for an upgrade?

If you are qualified for an upgrade, an email will be received by the airlines, and they will encourage you to make an offer. 

Is there a fee for submitting an upgrade offer

No, there is no fee for submitting an offer for an upgrade with Aer Lingus.

Am I eligible for the advantages of my upgraded cabin class?

If you choose to upgrade your seat after going to the website and clicking upgrade yourself, you will get the following.

  • An air Lingus seat upgrade to business class
  • Complimentary refreshments and food
  • Free entertainment
  • Access to wifi freely
  • Priority luggage, priority boarding, and priority check-in along with Aer Lingus lounge or partner lounge access

How to upgrade to business class on an Aer Lingus flight?

If you want to know how to upgrade an existing reservation, then an upgrade can be made using check-in online. Also, you can request upgrades at the airport up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure. 

What flight can I upgrade with Aer Lingus?

If you are flying between Ireland, the USA, and Canada, you will be given priority for an upgrade. After ticket booking, you will get an email if you qualify for the upgrade.

Is there a fee in advance to submit an offer to upgrade?

No, there is no fee for advance submitting an offer.

Is there any reason I could not make an Aer Lingus bid upgrade offer?

Yes, the eligibility for making an offer of an upgrade can be limited by several criteria, such as

  • Flights seat not available
  • You are without a ticket
  • Ticket booking has not been confirmed yet
  • Aer Lingus does not operate your flight
  • Your flight is not currently taking proposals for an upgrade of seats.

Can I offer an upgrade if I purchase my ticket from a site other than or a travel agent?

Not always, but sometimes. You have to go to the website of Aer Lingus, and then after you provide your booking and name, you can check if you are eligible.


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