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How to Select a Seat on a Lufthansa Flight?†

Lufthansa flight is a German carrier. For a unique experience, you must travel with Lufthansa Airline. They offer the best discount so you can travel to your favorite destination, and generally, Seat selection is made because you want to sit on your favorite seat. Lufthansa Seat Selection has two easiest ways to select a seat on a Lufthansa flight Online process and Offline processes. These are the simple ways to select a seat. Here are the steps you can follow for the processes are given below:

Select a Seat at Lufthansa Airlines via Online Process: 

You can easily pick your seat via an online process. It is the fastest way to select a seat on Lufthansa Flight. Here are the steps to select a seat:

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa,
  • Click on the Manage your booking option.
  • Select the booking to retrieve, in which you need to fill in your reservation number and last name.
  • Now click on Menu and select your seat.
  • After that, Go to the seat map.
  • Click the preferred seat choice and make the payment if required.
  • Now you can confirm your booking.
  • You will get an email where you will find the seat details.

Select a Seat via the Offline Process:

In the offline process, you can go to the Lufthansa Airline and visit their helpdesk. You can also contact Lufthansa Airline customer service via phone call. 

Select a Seat at Lufthansa Airlines via the Phone Number:

You can contact them through the phone number given on the website. You will find the number very easily there. You can also follow the steps that are given below:

  • Go to the Lufthansa Airline official website
  • Click on the contact us option.
  • You will find the contact number 1 (800) 645-3880. 
  • Now you can request them for a booking.
  • For booking, you need to give your details related to the booking.
  • After that, you will get the information about your booking by email.

Select Lufthansa Airlines Seat via the Help-desk

You may visit the airport, and Lufthansa customer service will help you select your seat. You must provide them with the related details and make the payment. You can also ask them for the seat selection cost and anything related to your seat you can ask. 

What are the Charges for Lufthansa Seat Selection?

It depends on your booking and the availability of the seat that you want to choose. You need to select your seat at least 24 hours before the departure, so there will be no need to pay an extra amount. The Lufthansa Seat Selection Charges vary depending on your fare types and other things that you can check on the official seat selection page. There are different seats on the flight, so their costs are also different for them.

Traveling in the Economy:

  • The cost of traveling in Economy will depend on your route. For domestic flight seat selection, you must pay €12 to €15. 
  • You want to travel in Economy, so the international flight seat selection fee will be €30 to €60.

Traveling in the Premium Economy:

In the premium Economy, you may need to pay approx €20 to €55. The payment depends on the standard seat that you choose.

Traveling in Business:

You do not have to pay any amount for the Lufthansa Seat Selection Fees. It is free of cost. Go to your booking management and select your seat for more availability. 

For Plus Members:

If you are a plus member of Lufthansa Flight, you do not need to pay any amount.

For Group Booking:

When you book a seat for 10 to 12 people, that is a group booking. This booking cost will depend on the class that you choose. For Economy, premium Economy, and business class.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

You must know the Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy before selecting your seat. Also, your confusion will be clear after reading the policy. 

  • You can select your seat through the customer care phone number.
  • You can book your seat at least 52 hours before the flight departure.
  • The seat is booked according to a first come, first serve.
  • The cost depends on the availability of the seat.
  • You do not have to pay extra charges if looking for premium economy class.
  • You may pay a certain amount to pick your seat in business class.

These are the processes to select your seat through online and offline processes. The seat selection cost varies on the seat that you choose. You can also visit the official Lufthansa Airlines website to learn more about the Lufthansa seat selection policies and fees. If you still have any queries, you must contact their customer services through different modes where you feel comfortable asking them your queries. 


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