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What is Difference Between Preferred Seats and Extra-Legroom Seats

While planning a trip, most travelers might have encountered the terms preferred seating and extra legroom seats. They might seem similar, but there is a lot of difference in terms of services. So, to help travelers get a clear picture of these seating services, one can check out the details shared and select a seating option as per their preference. 

What Exactly are Extra-Legroom and Preferred Seats? 

Before heading on with the difference, let's resolve the query on what is extra legroom seat? For those who are not aware, these seats are located in the prime areas of the cabin ( entry and exit), offering legroom of 3-6 inches.

On the other hand, when we talk about preferred seats, these seats are located in the best locations of the cabin and are closer to the front of the place. By opting for this seat, the traveler gets the advantage of quick boarding and exit. 

Key Difference Between Preferred Seats and Extra-Legroom Seats

As per Space and Location

Preferred seats: They don't offer any extra legroom and are located closer to the main cabin. 

Extra legroom: Offers legroom of 3-6 inches and is located in first and exit rows. 

Seat Assignment

For both preferred and Extra legroom seats, the traveler can either pay or use their membership status to upgrade seating for free. 

Beverages and Food

The preferred seat traveler gets limited food and beverages options in comparison to extra-legroom seating. However, one can confirm the same by contacting the airline. 

Storage Options

Preferred seating: Travelers get access to the overhead bins and under seating storage. 

Extra-Legroom Seats: Travelers can get access to under-seat storage and dedicated overhead bins. 

Boarding Options

  • For preferred seats, a group of 6-9 groups can board at a time. 
  • And in the case of extra-legroom seats, group 5 boarding is permitted. 

Thus, this is the complete information on Extra legroom seats and preferred seats to help travelers select their seating options while traveling with any airline. Still, if the travelers have any queries, they can reach out to the airline representatives or perform research online and select a suitable seating option. 

So, for travelers confused with these seating options, one can read out to the information shared and plan accordingly. 


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