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What is Fly Now Pay Later Payment Plan?

While planning a trip, most travelers are concerned about the travel cost incurred while confirming the reservations. Luckily, to make the trip planning easier for the travelers, few airlines have opted for a payment option like Fly now and pay later payment.

For travelers who are not aware, it is a payment plan that provides customers an option to spread their ticket fare over a period of time. In simple words, the payment plan is termed as a monthly airfare process where the traveler can pay for the reservations in installments. 

And to find more information on how the payment plan works, the traveler can read this article further. 

How Fly now and Pay Later Payment Plan Works? 

For the travelers who wish to opt for the Fly now and pay later service but have no clue how the Fly Now Pay Later Plan works, one can go through the details in this article and manage their bookings in time. 

  • As per the scheme, the traveler can book flight tickets online and pay for the flight tickets later every two weeks or in 3-18 monthly installments.  
  • After selecting an option, the amount that needs to be paid will be displayed. 
  • The traveler will get a reminder via SMS and email to complete the due payment. 

Procedure to apply for Fly now and pay later scheme:

  • For travelers can opt for the payment scheme at the time of confirming reservations at the check-out page.
  • Then, the traveler can pick a payment option like the monthly or pay overtime option.
  • Further, an instant credit check will get performed, and the traveler will be offered the needed information. 

However, the payment system for Fly now and pay later might differ with airlines. So, one can check the details regarding the payment options and other details about the scheme, the traveler can dial Fly Now Pay Later Contact Number and contact the representative to get details regarding the scheme and other related matters. 

Is there any Credit Check Performed while using Fly now and Pay Later Scheme? 

Yes, a soft credit check is performed when the traveler selects Fly now and pay later payment option. Generally, the Fly Now Pay Later credit check is performed to determine if the traveler is eligible to pay back the due payments in time or not. 

The credit check is performed after the traveler selects a payment option at the checkout page. Once the payment option is selected, the eligibility will be checked automatically in an instant after application submission. 

So, with this is complete details regarding the credit check required for the Fly Now and pay later scheme. However, if the traveler still has queries regarding the payment scheme, then one can reach out to the customer service for assistance. 

Contacting Customer Service to Seek Help for Fly now and Pay Later Scheme

For travelers who need assistance to select a payment option, then one can reach out to the representative by dialing Fly Now Pay Later Contact Number and seek the needed information to complete the credit check process and plan out their bookings in time. 

Hopefully, the provided information would help the travelers easily plan out their next trip without worrying much about the travel cost. However, one who needs help can reach out to the support for assistance and plan out their trip in time. 


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