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What is Kuwait Airways Frequent Flyer Program

Kuwait Airways is a premium airline that offers five-star services on board. It is one of the very few airlines globally that has an admirable inflight cabin crew and an equally cordial and approachable ground staff. 

You have landed on this page because this site lets you know about the Kuwait Airways Frequent Flyer Program. Please read the following write-up so that you understand about the same.

Oasis Blue Program

The minimum age set here is two years to enroll in the Oasis Blue program, which means you can even register your children in this program. You can have their separate accounts. For teenagers above twelve years of age, they would earn a hundred per cent of the miles flown and while children between the age of two to twelve make fifty per cent of the miles flown. Therefore, you can get a family mileage pooling program to add those points to your own.

You can even enjoy bonuses when you travel business or first class or Royal class and get extra benefits. 

Oasis Silver Program

You get the facility of reserving your seats which is known as preferential seat selection in Kuwait Airways.

  • Elite Mileage

In respect to your loyalty towards Kuwait Airways, your Silver status will earn you fifty per cent added miles with an elite mileage bonus. So you can travel further, faster.

  • Priority in Waitlist

Should the airline not accommodate you on total flights on an urgent basis, you are given top priority on the waiting list as a valued Silver member.

  • Check-ins which are Dedicated

What more do you need when you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of checking in at the Business and First class counters, even when you hold an Economy class ticket.

  • Extra Luggage

Again, precedence is given to you. Your check-in luggage is first to be loaded onto the luggage belt at your destination airport so that you can be on your way sooner.

Oasis Gold Program

The initial features are the same as the Blue and the Silver Oasis Programs. Here is what is extra

Extra Luggage

  • You are entitled to carry an additional bag that can weigh up to thirty-two kgs. 
  • No penalty on Date Change
  • There are no fees levied for the date change, especially on redemption tickets. 

This was all about the Kuwait Airways Frequent Flyer, in case you still harbour doubts, you can contact an expert.