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Which Airlines Allow you to Change Dates

Much time it happens that we need to change our booked flight date. But changing flight also depend on the fact whether the airline allows change dates or not? If you are worried about which airlines allow you to change dates? Stay tuned, as you will get to know everything here.

Airlines that Allows to Change Flight Date

Earlier, there were only a few airlines that allowed changes at nominal cost. But since the covid-19 broke almost, every airline has given relaxation in their flight date change policies. If you want to change the date now, almost every airline allows the date changes free of cost. 

The airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines allow changing the flight reservation without any high charges. Do read the updated change policies of Airlines thoroughly to understand them better.

Updated Change Date Policies of Airlines after Covid-19

If you talk about which airlines allow you to change the date? Then only Southwest airlines used to allow flight change date free of cost. But after covid almost every airline offer refund or they change the flight date free of cost. Delta, United, American, and Alaska Airlines allow change free of cost even after the pandemic.

Most importantly, if you have to change the date of these flights, make sure that you go through the deals because this rule is not applicable for every flight. So before you change the date, go through the terms and conditions first.

 Can you Change the Date on Flight Tickets?

Yes, you can change the date of flight tickets whenever you need to. Here you can go through some easy steps to see how it works?

Steps to Change the Date of Flight

  • To change the flight date, firstly go to the official website of your airlines
  • Locate the Manage booking/manage my trip section
  • You will get to see the columns where you need to fill in the details like confirmation number, last name
  • Enter the details to retrieve the booking 
  • Now click on the button edit or change on screen
  • Select the new dates and make the required changes
  • In case you any change fee applicable, pay it and pay the fare difference also to complete the changes

By following the above steps, you can change your flight date anytime. Moreover, there are some other offline options too that you can follow to change your date.

By Calling Reservation Department: 

You can also call the reservation department to change your flight date.

At Airport:

You can also visit the airline's air ticket offices to change your flight date.

By Travel Agent:

If a travel agent makes the booking, you can call your travel agency directly to change the flight date.

So using the above procedures, you can change your flight date anytime. If you face any issues or difficulties, you n also speak to the customer representative of your airline.